Here are the things we wish we'd thought about before purchasing a home.  

There's a reason prospective home buyers tend to do a lot of their searching on weekends 

Not only can schedules get busy during the week, but if you hold down a full-time job, you may only have so many hours to get out and see houses

But limiting your home search to the weekends could lead you to a poor buying decision

And so if you're in the process of house hunting, it's really a good idea to scope out homes during the week before making an offer on any

Let's be clear:  the home you're looking to buy won't look or function any differently on a Saturday than on a Tuesday

Rather, it's the street or neighborhood that might feel a lot different on a weekday compared to a weekend

If you check out the same neighborhood on a weekday – especially during rush hour, or when schools are starting and letting out – you might have a different experience