Calorie Deficit is tried and true weight loss approach has been around for ages

When you want to lose weight, it only makes sense to do your research to see what the most popular diets are right now

While there are plenty of trendy eating plans floating around, there’s an old standby that’s suddenly become popular again: the calorie deficit diet

Instead, it just focuses on calories, which are the amount of energy that’s released when your body breaks down food

Body needs a certain amount of calories to function normally, but when you take in more calories that you need, the excess amount is stored in your body as fat

Calorie deficit is when we consume fewer calories than our bodies burn in a day, both in terms of our natural resting energy expenditure

If you typically eat 2,200 calories a day, on a calorie deficit diet, you should lose weight if you strive to cut that back to 2,000 or so calories a day

When we take in fewer calories than we burn, our body has to get the energy from somewhere to continue its natural functioning