South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the allies’ live-fire exercise involved eight Army Tactical Missile System missiles.

SEOUL — U.S. and South Korean forces fired eight ballistic missiles into the sea Monday, mirroring a North Korean missile display a day earlier.

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff reported eight Army Tactical Missile System missiles were fired in 10 minutes. The drill aimed to show a quick and accurate response to North Korean assault.

The South's military observed North Korea launching eight short-range missiles over 35 minutes from at least four separate places, including western and eastern coastline areas and two inland areas north of and near Pyongyang.

It was North Korea’s 18th round of missile tests in 2022 alone — a streak that included the country’s first launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles in nearly five years.

U.S. and South Korean forces conducted a similar live-fire drill after North Korea's prior ballistic launches on May 25.

Japan and the U.S. conducted a joint ballistic missile practise hours after North Korea's launches to display their "quick response capabilities" and "strong determination" to fight threats, Japan's Defense Ministry said.

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