A retired Marine Corps general under federal scrutiny for alleged lying about his role in an illegal lobbying scheme by Qatar has had his electronic data seized by the FBI.

Four-star Gen. John R. Allen, 68, is accused of giving a “false version of events” to agents in a 2020 interview about his work to influence U.S. policy on behalf of Qatar during a diplomatic crisis three years prior.

In a 77-page search warrant application obtained by the Associated Press, an agent wrote that there was “substantial evidence” that Allen had willfully violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act, while “simultaneously pursuing multimillion-dollar business deals” with the Qatari government.

Authorities have said Allen, who has presided over the Brookings Institution think tank since 2017, also withheld “incriminating” documents about his part in the lobbying scheme.

Allen has denied that he is a foreign agent, saying his role in 2017 had been to prevent a Gulf war from kicking off.

He is “voluntarily” cooperating with the federal investigation, according to a spokesperson. No criminal charges have yet been filed.

After returning from their trip to Qatar, Allen and Olson lobbied members of Congress, particularly those who supported a House resolution linking Qatar to terror financing, the FBI said.

Among them was Rep. Ted Lieu, a California Democrat who told law enforcement officials he didn't recall exactly what Allen said but that his impression was he was there “to support the Qatari officials and their position.”