Controversy and book clubs go hand in hand. Everyone knows that most book clubs are fronts for gossip and scandal, and that author's notes and hero's journey talks take second (if at all) to a good whodunit story.

Big Pizza is no stranger to scandal, either; who could forget Pizzagate 2016, or its controversial resurgence in 2020?

Today's Pizza Hut book club incident is calmer than the email that sparked a thousand conspiracy theories, but maybe that's because books take longer to travel than emails do.

According to Newsweek, this drama began with a programme to improve child reading. 1984 Pizza Hut delivered "Book It!" to classrooms.

Teachers could incentivize students to read by awarding them with personal pan pizza perks when they reach their monthly goals, according to Every Child a Reader.

Unfortunately, in 2022, it's only ever a matter of time before a thing you think is good winds up being something people (read: Twitter) must explain to you is actually evil, corrupt, or otherwise not cool, bro

Pizza Hut's book club debate over "Book It!" is hotter than a personal pizza. Newsweek says all was well until Pizza Hut put LGBTQ+-friendly books on the Book It! website for Pride Month.

The fluffy crust gives the pie weight, but not so much that you can't work. Blaze pizza is quick, cheap, and tasty. Certain may do some things better, but none has everything.