Aside from their usual kibble, let's take a dive into human foods our furry friends can eat with us

A dog's digestive system is curated differently than a human's, so it is usually not a great idea to feed a dog too much human food

Human foods can be full of fat and rich in nutrients and seasonings, making it difficult for our small friends to digest appropriately

Eating too much human food can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, or even more serious results.

Notorious foods for dogs, like chocolate and onions, should always be kept away from them to ensure a healthy system.

When your furry little dog is doing tricks to gain a little piece of your food, it is impossible to say no to that face.

Orange carrots can help dogs with their teeth and encourage great dental health. With ample vitamin A benefiting the immune system and skin

Like the famous saying an apple a day gives the doctor away, apples are also great for dogs, as it provides them with many vitamins and fiber