You check into a vacation rental, get settled in and spot surveillance cameras

Prepared to be shocked. Cameras can hide in vents, lamps, power outlets and even unassuming objects like humidifiers and TV remote controls

You must see these cameras to believe they exist. Tap or click for 10 hidden cameras so sneaky you’d never know they were there

Years ago, surveillance cameras were expensive and bulky. These days, they're affordable and easy to install and hide

Airbnb allows security cameras or audio recorders in "public spaces" and "common spaces." That means no bathrooms, bedrooms, or other sleeping areas

Local and state laws usually permit property owners to install cameras in "public spaces." This is an important distinction

Audio recording also has much stricter rules than video. In many states, both parties must be aware that the recording is taking place

Turn off the lights and slowly scan the room with a flashlight or laser pointer, looking for bright reflections