Ways to further improve their mood, reduce stress, and manage their day-to-day mental health

1. Improve your diet and start moving: Wholefoods such as leafy green vegetables, legumes, wholegrains, lean red meat and seafood, provide nutrients that are important for optimal brain function

2. Reduce your vices: Managing problem-drinking or substance misuse is an obvious health recommendation.

3. Prioritise rest and sleep Sleep hygiene techniques aim to improve sleep quality and help treat insomnia

4. Get a dose of nature: When the sun is shining, many of us seem to feel happier. Adequate exposure to sunshine helps levels of the mood-maintaining chemical serotonin

5. Reach out when you need help: Positive lifestyle changes aren’t a replacement for medication or psychological therapy

While many lifestyle changes can be positive, some changes may be challenging if being used as a psychological crutch

That said, take a moment to reflect how you feel mentally after a nutritious wholefood meal, a good night’s sleep