During the recent WWDC22 event, Apple spent a majority of its time-sharing the upcoming macOS13 Ventura with the world (maybe because the MacBook Pro M2 is a bit of a disappointment?).

Craig Federighi ran and flipped his hair like a middle-aged action hero, which had nothing to do with Ventura but was incredibly entertaining (watch out Tom Cruise).

We were underwhelmed by WWDC22 (where's our mixed reality headset? ), but we're enthusiastic for macOS 13.

If you can't wait for Apple's next macOS, you may download the beta version through Apple's Developer programme.

The compatible Mac products are as follows:  iMac: 2017, Mac Pro: 2013, iMac Pro: All models, Mac mini: 2018, MacBook Air: 2018, MacBook: 2017, and, the MacBook Pro: 2017 or later.

So if you have one of these sitting on a shelf or laying on the floor in a closet, this could be a fun use for it.

To sign up and download macOS 13, you must do as I mentioned above, join the Apple developers program(opens in new tab), and pay $99 to gain access to the beta.

After that, visit the Apple developers page in Safari, sign in with your Apple ID, and go to developer.apple.com/download.