If you think it didn't originate in England, you are partly correct too

The Angles are a group of Germanic people that migrated from a place called Anglia to Great Britain in the 5th century

Anglia was a peninsula located near the Baltic Sea. This peninsula is now located in Germany

The Germanic people are a historical group of people that lived in Central Europe during the early middle ages

Another two groups of people known as the Romans and the Celts were already settled in England during that time

However, the language spoken by the Angles and the Saxons became the predominant language of that region. That language is now known as Old English

In the 8th and 9th centuries, the Vikings invaded England and many of them settled in England with the intent to colonize it

This led to a significant Norse influence on the English language as well. Many common English words which we use today, such as egg or anger, are of Norse origin