Baby powder is a brilliant way of getting sand off when you've finished a day at the beach

So one mum had a think and has come up with a brilliant way to keep the powder contained but still useful

"That’s going to contain it and you just rub the sock all over and that will remove the sand."

She was seen using the powder-filled sock on her kids, and the sand on their skin came off quickly and easily

"Yup, good tip," a third wrote. "It doesn't just help the sand slide off (towel does work), it gets rid of the tackiness

@athomewithshannon, revealed she always takes one trusty item from her home with her to the beach

People loved my mum hack of bringing a laundry basket to the beach. But I made it even better - a collapsible laundry basket

Then, once everyone is ready to leave for the day, Shannon said it’s simply a matter of picking up the laundry basket, and shaking out the sand