Pancreas, a glandular organ that helps your body digest food and convert it into energy

Pancreatic cancer is overall pretty rare, with 57,600 Americans expected to be diagnosed in 2020

But several celebrities have died of pancreatic cancer, including Alex Trebek, Aretha Franklin, Steve Jobs, Patrick Swayze, and Luciano Pavarotti, drawing more awareness to the disease

The disease is also on the rise. Pancreatic cancer has been diagnosed at an increase of .5 %a year for more than a decade

Only about 10% of pancreatic cancers have a genetic predisposition, and good screenings for the general population have been difficult to establish

The pancreas sits close to a bundle of blood vessels and nerves called the celiac plexus that can cause pain and nerve irritation

The pancreas does not just produce insulin; it also produces pancreatic enzymes that help break down fat

If you experience a loss of appetite or feel full after eating very little, this also may be a sign of pancreatic cancer