Feeling forgetful, unfocused, and mind-sluggish? Sharpen up your brain

Safe to say we’re all feeling more than a bit overwhelmed with the state of the world right now

In fact, being frazzled creates toxins that can build up in your brain and impact your ability to focus, concentrate, and remember multiple things

Yet the more you ignore brain fog, the more it builds up—and the more likely it is that you’ll keep having unproductive days

Other symptoms include being more forgetful than usual or sluggish when you’re trying to remember things—almost as if you can feel your brain chugging

Of the trillions of neurons in your brain, just 10,000 to 20,000 secrete a neuropeptide called orexin, which research shows is one of several circuits

When Delia’s brain fog settled in and nothing she tried—extra sleep, meditation, even a week off from work—seemed to help

It’s especially common in infections that affect the upper respiratory system, because reduced oxygen flow to the brain and fever can lead to mental impairment