Nearly half of us worldwide are still unhappy more than two years after the start of the COVID-19

Meanwhile, 88% of those polled are looking for new adventures to make them smile and laugh, with 80% prioritizing health

"We're falling short on happiness. We took a big hit around the world,"  Gretchen Rubin, the best-selling author of The Happiness Project

Many people worldwide are trying to find what Rubin calls the "next normal," seeking how to move forward while still amid a global pandemic 

Despite the COVID vaccines, boosters and some immunity from prior infections, most people still of us aren't feeling happier because the crisis isn't over

The data examines how citizens' trust in government and large institutions plays a major role in a country's level of happiness

"The pandemic brought not only pain and suffering but also an increase in social support and benevolence," the report said

That coincides with 89% of business leaders who  said they see opportunities to infuse humor into the customer experience