Officer Shoots Man While Responding to a Call in Far East Dallas

A Dallas officer reportedly shot at an unidentified man while responding to a call at 9700 block of Rustown Drive in Far East Dallas on Thursday night, police said. The suspect was however not hit and no one else were injured, police said.    The authorities claimed that the officers were responding to a call … Read more

Impaired Driver Kills Man and Seriously Injures a Woman on State Highway 249, Faces Multiple Charges

A man was killed while a woman was seriously injured after a man with driving disabilities hit the victims’ vehicle on Friday at around 12:50 p.m. in the 11600 block of State Highway 249.  According to reports, the man had been driving a pickup truck at high speed while heading south. He failed to maintain … Read more

DeSoto Police Still on the Lookout for Gas Station Shooting Suspect

Photo Credit:Dellas Morning News

The law enforcement officers from the DeSoto police department are still running a manhunt for the suspect in the recent shooting incident at a gas station on I-35E, says a report from the Dallas Morning News. The report claimed that the police department is seeking the assistance of the public, asking for help in identifying … Read more

Over 45 School Districts to Close Down Due to COVID Surge

More than 45 districts have closed classes in person because of COVID-19 cases affecting more than 40,000 students. According to the Texas Education Agency, at least 45 small school districts across Texas will temporarily stop offering classes in person due to the surge in COVID-19 cases in the first few weeks of the new school … Read more

Three Men with Zip Ties Confront Arizona Principal After Student was Ordered to Quarantine

A principal in Arizona was reportedly confronted by three men, who threatened to make a citizen’s arrest, after the son of one of them was told to quarantine because of possible COVID-19 exposure.

Diane Vargo, principal at Mesquite Elementary School said that while she welcomes parents with complaints, the type she encountered was not acceptable.

“My door is open to talking to parents but the way he did it was not OK. Bringing zip ties to a principal’s office — that’s not OK,” she said.

The incident occurred on Thursday after a father was told that his son should be quarantined for at least a week under Pima County Health Department guidelines. Because the man had been aggressive and noisy while talking with the office staff, Vargo directed him to the office.

Vargo shared that the three men barged into the office and one of them was taking a video of the incident.

She said, “The two men barged into my office while he had a video on my face. They were three big men and one of them was carrying zip ties. My assistant and I were too scared.”

Vargo also said, “They threatened to arrest us.” 


Photo credits: NBC News 

They called on the Tucson police and Vargo left her office while the men and the boy remained inside. She said it was important to make sure the men were isolated from the students and the staff.

Meanwhile, the Tucson police officers refused to answer questions about the incident on Friday. A spokesperson said in an email that the police went to the school because “of a fight brewing” and that a 40-year-old man was cited for trespassing. 

Vargo said the man was the parent.

NBC News generally does not identify suspects in minor crimes even though the police named the man. The man declined to comment regarding the incident last Friday.

The superintendent of the Vail Unified School District, John Carruth called it an “isolated incident.” He also said that this incident is not indicative of our community. ‘It’s not indicative of our schools.

In a videotaped statement last Friday, Vargo teared up and said it was difficult to see the student witness what transpired in her office.

“His father wanted him here,” Vargo said. “He sat right next to him, and he witnessed all of it. He saw the threats. He saw the aggressiveness. He saw the large zip ties. He saw it all and I felt bad for him.”


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San Antonio is Mourning The Loss of a Famous TV Legend

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