Arizona Senate urges audit firm Cyber Ninja to publicize 2020 Election audit records

Cyber Ninjas, the primary contractor tasked with conducting the audit of the 2020 election in Maricopa County, was ordered by the Arizona Senate to make public the record linked to the controversial elections. This was announced by  Senate President Karen Fann. “Pursuant to the Arizona Public Records Act, Sections 15.4 and 18.5 of our Master … Read more

Columbus Police Department under investigation by the Justice Department over unjust systems

The Columbus Police Department is in the spotlight for its alleged faulty system in hiring new staff, police aggression, and racial bias. Progressive groups such as police reform advocates and Ohio faith leaders are in unity on this matter and have made a petition to the Justice Department to launch a “pattern or practice” investigation … Read more

COVID cases increasing in Minnesota Schools even as they reopen

As more schools are re-opening to Minnesota, increasing Covid-19 cases are also being reported from schools of the region. Public health officials have projected that cases of Covid-19 infections will grow only increase in the weeks to come. According to reports, the number of Covid-19 cases reported from schools in Minnesota was about 150 a … Read more

Effect of New Voting Rights Bill to Texas

Even after getting a 50-50 split vote, Democrats are still finding ways to push for their federal reform on elections and voting. On Tuesday, a new bill is on the way to be pushed more, which could greatly affect Texas and other nearing counties and states. The bill introduces changes on; Texas methodology on registering … Read more

New Anti-Hate Advisory Council formed to curb down increasing hate crimes

To improve the response against the gradually increasing rate of hate crimes in Dallas, the state – led by Mayor Eric Johnson created a new advisory council to face the emerging problem. Sixteen people complete the Anti-Hate Advisory council. Their primary functions include advising the city and monitoring the Dallas police on responding to new … Read more

Elijah McClain’s Death Investigation branded Aurora Police Department with Racially Biased Policing

Aurora Police Department is alleged to have a pattern of racially biased actions and policies. This was revealed in a civil rights investigation into the death of Elija McLain.    Colorado’s attorney general Phil Weiser said that the police department has a long history of treating people of color differently. Most of the unjust responses … Read more

Democrats set to push political reforms in California’s recall policy

The Democratic Party has called for a change in the recall system policy in California and implement more stringent measures. The win of California Governor Gavin Newsom enlightened most Democratic officials, providing them a greater impetus to push for political reforms. Newsom said a day after his victory, “I think the recall process has been … Read more

Measles cases found among Afghan refugees in Virginia and Wisconsin

Six Afghan migrants who had recently been rescued from the country and brought to the United States were reported to have been infected with measles on Tuesday. Thousands of Afghans have been evacuated from the country by the US after the Taliban took over the country. The latest infection cases were reported from Virginia and … Read more

5 California children orphaned as parents succumb to Covid-19

five children in California were tragically orphaned after their parents died of Covid-19 in recent weeks. The couple, who had a 3-week old newborn and four other children aged between 2 and 7 years, had to be admitted to hospitals for Covid-19 complications after they had returned from a vacation. The name of the couple … Read more

Florida Governor DeSantis will impose hefty fines on government agencies mandating employee vaccinations

In the light of ongoing debates on mandatory vaccination for employees, Florida Governor DeSantis strongly advocated against forcing employees to mask up. As a response, he threatened all local governments with an administrative penalty for mandating their employees to get vaccinated. DeSantis however also stressed that he still advocated that everyone should have their respective … Read more

Newsom retains his position as California’s governor in ta recall vote

Gavin Newsom, the Democratic governor of California expectedly won the recall election on Tuesday even in the face of Republicans making every effort to remove Newsom. The total number of votes Newsom got in the votes was 5,562,954 or 66.6% compared to 2,787,227 votes or 33.4% of the voters who chose to remove him as … Read more

Hurricane Nicholas is set to get stronger before making landfall in Texas

Just before entering Texas, the tropical storm Nicholas became stronger and was categorized as a Category 1 hurricane. For days, the hurricane gathered strength from the sea-water, which is likely to have near-death consequences. The storm now has hefty rainfalls with a load of warnings for extreme flash floods. Concerned institutions suggest that most storm … Read more

Hit-and-Run in NYC Kills a 3-month-old and leaves mother in critical condition

In New York City, a hit-and-run car crash killed a three-month-old baby and her mother in critical condition. The horrendous event happened last Saturday at 6 in the evening. The car crash was at the intersection of Gates and Vanderbilt Avenue in Clinton Hill. The incident started with a Honda Civic driver illegally driving against … Read more

Trey Gowdy criticises new approach of paying criminals not to commit crime

Cities under the rule of the Democrats are trying to reforming criminals instead of prosecuting and punishing them while also indulging in paying high-risk criminal offenders to refrain from committing violent crime. This was the overwhelming theme of Trey Gowdy on his show Sunday. He comprehensively discussed in his monologue how this strategy is a … Read more