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Biden Asks American Citizens To Leave Ukraine Immediately



Omicron Lockdown Not Needed, For Now, Says Biden

Amid the current turmoil in Eastern Europe, President Joe Biden has encouraged US residents in Ukraine to evacuate the nation immediately, citing the fear of Russian invasion. “American citizens should go now,” Biden urged in a pre-recorded interview with NBC News, reaffirming a msg from last week.

Biden Signs Executive Order To Streamline Services Like Social Security, Taxes


“This isn’t like we’re trying to deal with a terrorist group.” We’re up against one of the world’s largest militaries. It’s a whole different circumstance, and things might quickly spiral out of control,” he added.

Biden also stated that he would not send US forces to Ukraine under any circumstances, including to rescue US people in the event of a Russian intervention.

“That’s a global conflict.” “We’re in a different world when Americans & Russians start shooting at each other,” he remarked.

‘Military action might start at any time.’

In a travel advisory issued on Thursday, the US State Department recommended individuals to leave Ukraine and warned anyone who remained to take caution due to “possible combat activities should Russia initiate military action.”

“Due to growing risks of Soviet military action and COVID-19, do not travel to Ukraine; individuals in Ukraine should evacuate now by commercial or private means,” the advice stated. The United States has four levels of warning, the lowest of which is “take customary precautions.”

Due to COVID-19 and concerns with Russia, Ukraine is now at the highest “do not travel” level. The prior caution, however, stated that US individuals already in Ukraine “should consider departing.”

The new rules also cautioned Americans that if Russian military action occurs anywhere in Ukraine, the “US govt will not even be able to evacuate” them.

“Military action might happen any time and often without warning, posing a serious threat to the US Embassy’s capacity to offer consular assistance, including aid to US nationals leaving Ukraine,” the statement stated.

The Ukrainian army has been massing soldiers near the country’s border with Ukraine, causing a major conflict and raising fears in the United States and Europe that Moscow is planning an intrusion of its neighbor.

Officials from the United States have warned Russia that invading Ukraine would have serious economic ramifications, emphasizing that a battle would be “horrific” for residents in the region.

The US military dispatched extra troops toward Eastern Europe in early February as a symbol of Washington’s commitment to the region’s NATO allies’ security.

However, US authorities have even ruled out a military conflict with Moscow if it chose to invade Ukraine, which is not a NATO member. Reports

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Carrie Yerty Breathes Her Last on January 24; What Led To Her Death?



Carrie Yerty

Prominent Volleyball player and coach Carrie Yerty left for her heavenly abode on January 24, 2023. She will always remain alive in the hearts of her students, family members, and friends.

Carrie Yerty’s Heartbreaking Death

Carrie Yerty

Source- Getty

Yerty has had a long career in Volleyball. In her younger days, she was a popular Volleyball player who won numerous matches.

After that, she decided to prepare the young generation to become excellent volleyball players. She worked as a Volleyball coach at the Briarcrest Christian School in 2016.

She has helped the school to win numerous matches. In fact, she assured a success rate of 92% for the school. Carrie Yerty took over the volleyball program of the school in 2018.

She helped the school to attain a 40-2 record in the state championship. Briarcrest Christian School won three state titles consecutively under their leadership.

Post that, the school conferred her with the E.Cox Award meant for Teacher Excellence. It is worth noting that Carrie Yerty has a career record of 134-11.

Carrie Yerty

Source- YouTube

The students she coached were very fond of her. Many of them have gained positions in the National Volleyball team. She is also known for encouraging girls to take up sports as a career option and training rigorously at the school.

She supported women’s empowerment to its best.

How Did Carrie Yerty Die?

Her demise has saddened everyone, especially the Briarcrest students. She never disappointed anyone in this field since she was passionate about Volleyball.

She was fondly known as Coach C in the school. In fact, she also served as the Elementary School Athletic Director. Yerty took her school to new heights in the field of sports. Her contribution can never be forgotten by the school’s administration and her beloved students.

Carrie Yerty

The Volleyball coach’s reason for death is also saddening. Carrie Yerty was diagnosed with colon cancer 7 years back. She fought against the disease courageously.

But she finally gave up and eventually lost her life on January 24, 2023. The school administration announced the news of her death.

People who knew her termed her as a kind and lovable lady apart from being an excellent sportsperson. The school authorities have confirmed that her funeral will be organized by the community.

But as of now the date and venue have not been announced. It is confirmed that the school authorities will hold the prime responsibility of conducting her funeral.

People have flooded social media with tribute posts and condolence messages.

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David Spatz Passes Away At 71; But How Did He Die?



David Spatz

Renowned entertainment journalist David Spatz left for his heavenly abode at the age of 71. His death has shattered the entire media fraternity.

Prominent Journalist David Spatz Dies

David Spatz

Source- BC News24

The well-known media person breathed his last on January 23, 2023. He had a vast career in the field of journalism and covered numerous verticals.

He interviewed prominent celebrities, both international and regional. Apart from that he has also reported crime and business news.

He was known for writing entertainment news pieces for the Press of Atlantic City. Apart from that, Spatz was also a local broadcaster at WOND-AM 1400.

His work was loved by the audience and the critics. David Spatz had robust expertise in the field of journalism and had the ability to bring any story to life.

David Spatz

He has been associated with the media fraternity since the 1970s and has worked in diverse mass mediums. Apart from that he was also a respected columnist for various regional and national newspapers.

He has earned numerous accolades for his excellent contribution to the field of journalism. His void can never be filled.

Spatz is also recognized for the Emmy Award-winning television series named ”Curtain Call”. In fact, it was the only show made in the South Jersey area to have won such a prestigious award.

 What Caused David Spatz’s Death? 

Spatz’s death at the age of 71 has brought down a wave of sorrow among his family members, friends, and followers. Everyone is paying their heartfelt tribute to this legend.

The news of his death was officially announced by the WOND-AM 1400 radio station through a Facebook post. Through this post, the radio channel expressed its sorrow for the legend’s sad demise.

It stated that no one can replicate him and his art of storytelling. He has been associated with the media for four long decades and has won over the world of print and electronic media.

David Spatz

Source- Facebook

As of now his cause of death has not been revealed. But if some sources are to be believed then he died a natural death since he was not suffering from any co-morbidity. He was also not a victim of any mishap.

He died at his residence in Linwood.  His family is yet to announce the details of his funeral including the date, time, and venue.

They are going through a tough time dealing with the loss of the legendary journalist David Spatz. He was also known to be a devoted family man.

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Choreographer Peggy Hickey Meets A Sad End At 61, Leaving Behind A Legacy Of Art;



Peggy Hickey

Renowned director cum choreographer Peggy Hickey breathed her last on January 222, 2023. She was aged 61 at the time of her death.

Peggy Hickey’s Demise Leaves Everyone At Shock 

Peggy Hickey

Source- AP

Hickey, a well-known director cum choreographer had a long career in the opera, film, theatre, and television industries. She has won numerous accolades for her phenomenal work.

One of her famous works as a choreographer was A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder which went on to win the Tony Awards.

Apart from that she was associated with numerous movies, series, and broadway plays. She has also choreographed the famous Broadway play Anasthasia.

Peggy Hickey started her career as a dancer at a very early age. There was no looking back for her since then. She evolved from being a dancer to a choreographer, and then lastly as a director.

Peggy Hickey

Source- Getty

She directed Mary Poppins which was produced under the banner of Disney. Her work was recognized across various nations. She had been associated with renowned actors and artists and everyone was fond of her skills.

It is worth noting that Hickey began dancing at the tender age of four and turned it into a profession when she grew up. Her family was quite supportive which also helped her to follow her dreams.

What Caused Peggy Hickey’s Death?

This prominent artist breathed her last at her residence in Burbank, California. She is survived by her husband Tony and two daughters Gabriella and Molly.

She was very attached to her family and did everything she could to keep them happy. Hickey never let her profession hamper her personal life and always kept a gap between the two.

Her family members are saddened by her demise and so are her followers, friends, and colleague. Her legacy can never be forgotten. Even if she is not physically present on the earth, her works will live on.

Peggy Hickey had been battling breast cancer for a few years. After a long fight, she finally surrendered to the disease and left for her heavenly abode on January 22, 2023.

Peggy Hickey

Source- Getty

Her condition deteriorated over time and before she could be taken to the hospital, she was pronounced dead at her home in California.

Various artists, actors, singers, and fans are posting condolence messages across social media platforms. Her demise has done irreparable damage to the industry which can never be mended.

As of now, her family is yet to announce the date and other details associated with her last rites.

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