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Stimulus Checks

4th Stimulus Updates: Americans Received $1,100 Boosts And $5,200 Automatic Payments Today

4th Stimulus Updates: Americans Received $1,100 Boosts And $5,200 Automatic Payments Today

Residents of various US states have received huge stimulus benefits. The West Coast state issued checks worth $600 and $1,100 to the eligible beneficiaries. Californians are receiving the last batch of Golen State Stimulus payments. More than 180,000 residents in California will receive a cumulative $127 million under the pandemic stimulus program.

Stimulus Updates: Americans Received $1,100 Boosts And $5,200 Automatic Payments Today

The US Sun reports that the Navajo Nation president Jonathan Nez approved the bill to issue hardship checks to over 345,000 tribals. The payments are under the Navajo Nation Fiscal Recovery Funds (NNFRF) worth $557 million. Several other states, too, are sending out monetary assistance to the public.

The Citizens Also Receive SNAP Benefits

The states are also issuing SNAP benefits that enable individuals to purchase food items. The government increased the SNAP benefits by 25 percent in October 2021. The program offers help to low-income families who cannot cover food expenses. The government increased the monthly SNAP payments by $36.24 per person; each individual’s earlier SNAP payment was $121. The SNAP program first came into existence in 1975.

Social Security beneficiaries are also eligible for the SNAP benefits. However, the individuals within the threshold income bracket only qualify for the payments. The Social Security beneficiaries who exceed the income limit will not be eligible for the SNAP benefits. The US Sun reports that the Senior Citizens League forces Congress to introduce $1,400 checks for senior citizens.

Pandemic Affects A Large Section Of The Population

The US Sun quoted TSCL chairman Rick Delaney, who said, “Many have written to us that our government has forgotten about us. A $1,400 stimulus check for Social Security recipients could be a way to get extra non-taxable income to them.” In November last year, President Biden passed the Build Back Better bill, which failed to garner adequate support.

The bill looked to extend the relief benefits for US citizens. The outspread of the Omicron has forced the Biden government to pause the student loan payments. The student will not need to pay interest on their loans until further notification. The US Sun quoted President Biden, who said, “We know that millions of student loan borrowers are still coping with the impacts of the pandemic and need some time before resuming payments.”


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