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Stimulus Checks

Social Security Beneficiaries Will Receive Additional $200 Per Month: Check If You’re Eligible

The Social Security Administration will issue the COLA checks within a couple of days; the beneficiaries will enjoy higher payments. The Biden administration decided to increase the COLA benefits by 5.9% due to a record rise in inflation in the past months.

Social Security Beneficiaries Will Receive Additional $200 Per Month: Check If You’re Eligible.


The beneficiaries will receive an extra $92 per month in 2022. Some individuals might qualify for a $200 increase in monthly payments. FingerLakes1 reports that the individuals who received $2,289 each month throughout last year will receive a $200 hike in 2022. Individuals who earned high income during 35 years of their professional life received that amount in 2021. The maximum monthly payment for the beneficiaries in 2021 was $3,895.

Medicare Expenses And Inflation Will Reduce The Nullify The COLA Increase

The Social Security beneficiaries will receive $1,657 per month in 2022; the earlier income was $1,565. However, the increase is insignificant and will fail to cope with the rising expenses. The retirees will have to cope with the rise in Medicare too. The practical addition for the individuals is around $20-$50 per month. After hitting the Full Retirement Age, the individuals who started receiving the benefits will receive $3,345 per month in 2022.

Individuals Applying At 70 Will Receive Maximum Benefits

The retirees who apply for the benefits at 70 will get more significant benefits; those individuals will receive $40,140 per year. The average income in the US is $25,740, which is entirely below the maximum Social Security benefits.

The individuals need to delay their application to receive more benefits for the rest of their lives. An individual becomes eligible for the Social Security benefits at 62, but after applying at 62, they will miss out on a significant portion of monthly income. The individuals need to decide the right age to use based on their circumstances.

The Social Security beneficiaries should look for sources other than Social Security to enjoy their post-retirement life. At present, working individuals should start investing a small portion of their income wisely for retirement.

Most retirees exhaust their monthly payments and find themselves in a precarious situation. The retirees need to check with the SSA authorities to get details on the government retirement plans. The individuals should take expert assistance during the working years to optimize their financial condition post-retiring.


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