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Child Tax Credit

Petition Reaches 3 Million Signatures To Assure Americans $2,000 Monthly

Petition Reached 3 Million Signatures To Assure Americans $2,000 Monthly

A petition was started by a restaurant owner in Denver. The petition is said to have made it to the top 10 list in the last 2 years, as per This effort has been made to call out the federal government to make payments for the American monthly stimulus.

Petition Reached 3 Million Signatures To Assure Americans $2,000 Monthly

All want it to continue until the covid-19 pandemic abate reaches the new milestone. The petition has reached around 3 million signatures.

What amount are the Americans going to receive monthly?

As per the 2020 petition, started by Stephanie Bonin, the Duo owner, it called on Congress to pass the regular checks. The amount of these checks will provide $2000 to the adults and $1000 for the kids till the pandemic crisis continues.
The petition got in 2020, 2 million signatures. It put it in the top 10 petitions of 2020. With the continued signatures, it made it to the list of 2021 too.
The stimulus payments are one of the highly googled topics in 2021. This happened after the Americans got the direct payment checks in 2020- $600 and $1200. It was under the administration of Trump. Under the administration of President Joe Biden, the check was also received of $1400.

American Rescue Plan- March 2021

As a part of it, monthly advanced child tax credit payments were included for the eligible families in America. There was also the tax forgiveness upon 1st $10200 in 2020. This was made for the Americans who were unemployed.
As per Forbes news, there isn’t any signs regarding the Washington, D.C. lawmakers making any serious discussion regarding the 4th direct payment stimulus check. Calls have been made by lawmakers and the public for the recurring payments, but no action has been taken.
Monthly child tax credit’s future seems to be all in the air, as per rocket city now.

The same got passed in the House last November. It was done as part of the Build Back Better Bill of $2 trillion. However, the legislation didn’t receive the Republican support in Democratic and Senate Sen. According to Joe Manchin, West Virginia, he would want this tax credit for having the requirement included that the recipients remain employed.
Some discussions have been made regarding the standalone bill (potential one) for the child tax credit.

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