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Citizens Who Lost Their Jobs Might Receive Unemployment Benefits – Check Details

The arrival of the new covid variant affected the closure of several businesses across the US. Several parts of the country are witnessing a rapid rise in the infection graph. Many restaurants are broadways have suffered during the past weeks. The new covid wave seems inevitable, and the citizens will have to equip themselves to counter its negative impact on their health and finances. CNBC reports that the infection rate in New York City increased to 7.8% within three days.

Citizens Who Lost Their Jobs Might Receive Unemployment Benefits -Check Details


Previous Beneficiaries Are Unlikely To Qualify

The workers who lost their jobs can apply for unemployment benefits. The US government has introduced specific relief measures to assist the jobless section of the population. However, the policies and rules are not straightforward and are specific for each state. The workers who benefitted from the unemployment programs are not eligible for the additional assistance. The benefits are not available for sick employees or self-employed individuals. The worst affected workers are likely to qualify for unemployment benefits. However, they will have to fill in the information carefully and check whether they are eligible or not. The individuals who lost two to four shifts should qualify for the benefits.

The past income of the individuals is a determining factor in their eligibility. CNBC reports that the beneficiaries of the unemployment scheme receive insurance during a benefit year, a 52 week period that includes the amount based on the benefits. Several states calculate the amount as per the recent full-time earnings of the workers. The threshold period for the benefits is 26 weeks during the 52 weeks; the exact amount may vary with each state. The worker who received the full quota of 26-week benefits will not qualify for the payments till the beginning of a new benefit year.

Hard Luck For Gig-Workers And Independent Contractors

Congress had launched the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program under the CARES act in March 2020; it expired on Labor Day. There is no good news for the freelancers and gig workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic after the expiry of the PUA program. However, few labor organizations have announced that the gig workers and the independent contractors might qualify if they fulfill specific requirements.




  1. Angie

    December 20, 2021 at 7:07 AM

    The stimulus payments are very unfair. For someone like myself there is no help out there. And yet you are somehow expected to sustain life. Which in this situation is impossible. The child part my son turned 18 a month after passed and I own my house so no mortgage also I am too young and no disability. Also because i didn’t make 100 dollars from unemployment i wasn’t even eligible for part of the extra money given out. Now that i lost my job again which unfortunately due to the fact I overslept and couldn’t call in before my shift started which I somewhat understand for the business owner but now i am ineligible for unemployment. I live in a very rural small community with no jobs and without anuh income even if I could somehow find a job how does a person get there until you would recieve your first paycheck. I think the government needs to recheck their parameters on the stimulus help. It is gonna be a huge problem when people like myself who knows may have to turn to illegal or some sort of way to try to just survive day to day and keep a house liveable and food on the table.

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