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How To Receive December Stimulus Checks Of $600 And $1,100 Being Sent Out

Paul S Voakes



How To Receive December Stimulus Checks Of $600 And $1,100 Being Sent Out

December stimulus check payments of $600 and $1,100 are on the way and will make Eligible California Citizens Christmas a little more pleasant. reports that the latest tranche of stimulus dole-outs started on November 29, and the last payments are expected to be sent by December 17.

This week, California State will be sending 803,000 Golden State Stimulus payments, and these payments will continue through December 31. Citizens who qualify for the stimulus checks can avail of the benefit by using the refund option selected on their tax return. Eligible families will be getting a stimulus check worth between $600 and $1,100.

Who will receive the stimulus check payments?

How To Receive December Stimulus Checks Of $600 And $1,100 Being Sent Out


Governor Gavin Newsom approved an amount totaling $12billion in coronavirus relief. However, the relief comes with riders, including the recipient who must have been a resident of California for more than half of the 2020 tax year and must continue to be a state resident when he receives the stimulus check.

Citizens who have earned less than $75,000 in 2020 are also eligible for the stimulus check, but specific criteria must be fulfilled. For example, suppose a citizen has not received the payment. In that case, he must check his eligibility by calculating Adjusted Gross Income because their AGI could differ from what the IRS has on file. Also, check your address if you have moved to another address or switched to a new bank, or own the state of California money.

In all, 800,000 paper checks will be sent to eligible Citizens via mail. In addition, another 3,000 checks will be distributed through direct deposit.

When will you receive the stimulus checks?

Citizens with zip code 376-584 must have received the checks between November 15, 2021, and December 3, 2021. Residents with 720-927 zip codes get their money between December 13, 2021, and December 21, 2021. Persons with 928-999 zip codes can expect their checks between December 27, 2021, and January 11, 2022.

The GSII checks are being paid every two weeks till every California Citizens receive one. California Governor Gavin Newsom’s signed the state’s $100billion budget in July. So two-thirds of California’s taxpayers or about 15.2 million California households could expect to get the stimulus checks.


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  1. Mary Trautman

    December 17, 2021 at 6:50 PM

    If this is not for Kentucky residents please quit sending it to my news feed and texting me because I’m one of those people I don’t less than $800 a month I have to live on so if I got this Christmas stimulus right now I would be able to get my grandkids a Christmas present but as it is I can’t but I don’t have enough money to live on so please don’t tease me with saying there’s another stimulus check going out this month and give me hope but then again you’ll say it’s not for Kentucky come on quit giving me hope that I could get my grandkids something for Christmas

  2. Towana Humphries

    December 17, 2021 at 9:31 PM

    Why can’t the state of Georgia get stimulus some of residents here are below poverty level with children foodstamp are fine but what about the other essential.

  3. Betty J Beech

    December 18, 2021 at 12:32 AM

    I am. Chronically ill with a right leg that was amputated. My Husband Served in the Army for 9ys and He passed away from Agent Orange. I live in Tennessee will I get a stimulus check.

  4. Mary Tyler

    December 18, 2021 at 6:08 AM

    Hello it really sad and hurts that u don’t pay attention to the seniors in the treasury Valley that could use help as much the child credit I was in the hospital for bad Infection almost my life I was having to learn talk and eat again I was home bed for three months after one and now I’m just I have a bad colon that I have to have surgery again so I have no way of helping get bye in my life I couldn’t go back to work I’m still dealing with the infection and I’m having surgery in January 5 up in The University of Utah so getting by with little money is hard !!!!!

  5. Susan Kkng

    December 19, 2021 at 2:58 PM

    Why is Mississippi not getting one?
    We are the poorest state in the Union.

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Petar Nadoveza Cause of Death: Here Is What You Need To Know

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Stephen Riddick, a man from Glasgow, Scotland has been recovered dead on January 20th, 2023. As per the reports, he was missing for almost a year. A missing FIR was registered by Riddick’s family when they failed to trace him.

The city police conducted an investigation following the missing report and located the missing person, who was unfortunately dead.

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Stephen Riddick’s body was located near West Nile Street, Glasgow, Scotland. His wife, Kathryn Fawkes has shared her grief for the unfortunate death of Riddick on social media.

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How did the Glasgow man Stephen Riddick die?

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The body has been identified to be Stephen Riddick. Police have doubted the cause of death can be potential suicide. However, no verdict has been given so far as the investigation continues to shed more light on the unwanted condition.

Police are looking for more evidence to call the mishap a circumstance of suicide. Nevertheless, no trace of foul play was discovered.

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How did Glasgow man Stephen Riddick’s family react to his death?

Stephen Riddick’s family is in ultimate shock as their lovable member passed away suddenly. His wife, Kathryn Fawkes with who he spent 17 years of marital life has shared her emotions with the public through social media. She mentioned in her post that Riddick has committed suicide.

Stephen Riddick

Credits- Facebook

Fawkes further states that she will never stop loving Riddick and expects he is in a better place. However, the incident of her husband’s suicide shocked her very much. She is out of words to explain her feelings. Fawkes further promises that she will take care of Riddick’s kids, Ellie and Ollie forever.

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Tom Mboya Opiyo, a brilliant tech professional from Kenya meets the difficult days of his career after getting abruptly laid off by one of the global giant companies, Amazon. The IT employee was ready to relocate to Europe for his new job position in a reputed firm. However, things took a negative turn and Opiyo, along with his family gets shattered.


Credits- Business Standard

Following the news of getting laid off abruptly, Opiyo shares his thoughts through his LinkedIn handle. In the post, he expresses how devastated he and his family are at the moment. The mass layoff trend of established global companies is giving nightmares to thousands of employees. The challenges have enhanced for the employees who were boarding a new city and country.

What happened to Tom Mboya Opiyo?

Tom Mboya Opiyo is a Kenya-based IT professional. He was given an opportunity to work in the e-commerce MNC, Amazon and relocate to Europe. Following the offer, Opiyo resigned from his existing position and started to process the passport and visa struggles. As per his revelation, after six months after his departure, his family was also about to shift to his location.

Credit- Pulse Time

To get the fund for the immigration formalities, Tom Mboya Opiyo and his family sold their cars and residence. He stated that visa confidentiality took a lot of time and effort as he had to visit the immigration office and other concerned places regularly. Nevertheless, all the hard work went in vain as before four days boarding to Europe, the tech professional was informed that he has been laid off.

The news brought havoc to the family as all their future plans have been shattered. It is notable to mention that Opiyo is an award-winning tech expert whose opportunity to work in a popular MNC was taken away. As a reason, Amazon has stated that the layoff is a result of some business changes.

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Layoff culture of MNCs impacting thousands –

Several MNCs have been suddenly terminating a large number of their employees in recent times including Amazon, Twitter, Microsoft, Meta, and others. This has impacted many workers and created challenges for them to seek other opportunities immediately. On January 18th, Amazon alone laid off 18000 of their global employees.

Credit- LinkedIn

Tom Mboya Opiyo has suggested everybody not to put every egg in one basket and enhance the risk of breaking every egg at a time. As he sold his cars and home, the chances of recovering everything is lower. Furthermore, he has advised everybody not to leave their existing positions until they receive their visa while relocating too another country for job.

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