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‘Call of Duty’: Known Game Designer Confirms Presence Of SBMM

‘Call of Duty’: Known Game Designer Confirms Presence Of SBMM
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Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) in multiplayer titles like “Call of Duty” has always been a hot topic among its community of players. That said, a notable game developer may well seem to have confirmed that the said feature has been with the game series, though it pointed out that it is improving with every generation being rolled out.  

Former ‘Call of Duty’ designer confirms it  

Riot Games’ Principal Game Designer Josh Menke claims that SBMM has always been there within “Call of Duty” games. By the time multiplayer titles were beginning to turn heads in the gaming community, the said procedure was pretty much straightforward. Menke recalls that players back then would just have to log in to their games and attempt to search for a server to join.   

Menke – a former multiplayer designer for both “Call of Duty” and “Halo” – added that the early days of SBMM was pretty much a manual system where players had to scroll down a list of servers as they are trying to locate a game that they deem as good enough to join. In the succeeding years, however, the said feature has grown to become automated, according to him.  

Further, this resulted in skill-based matchmaking becoming a very much debated subject among multiplayer gamers. Even though this SBMM issue blew up in recent years, Menke highlighted that the process had been there from the start.  

Getting better  

Menke went on to reveal that 2007’s “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” had SBMM infused on it, adding that the entirety of the “CoD” games possesses it. He explains that it’s the math and science it has improved over time and has caught up.   

Calling out players  

The game designer even called out those “Call of Duty” players who have been vocal that they despise the presence of SBMM in the game, though they went on to play other titles like “Valorant” and be perfectly fine with it.  

Menke is also well-acquainted with the fact that game publishers have been highlighting the various aspects of SBMM in their games. That said, the game designer asserted that gathering real-time stats in games like “Call of Duty” is “the way it should be done.” 

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