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Bungie Confirms ‘Hunters Dodge’ To Only Work In ‘Destiny 2’s’ PvE In A Future Patch

Bungie Confirms 'Hunters Dodge' To Only Work In ‘destiny 2’s’ PvE In A Future Patch

Over a week ago, Bungie rolled out a This Week at Bungie (TWAB) blog post where it detailed some significant melee and grenade tweaks in “Destiny 2.” The blog post also announced changes with the Hunter class, though a lot from the “D2” community are pretty much unhappy with the changes, especially with the dodge update. However, in a recent podcast, the game developer addressed the issue and spilled some intel of some upcoming changes with the said ability.  

Bungie on Hunter’s dodge   

These future changes were unveiled in the recent Firing range podcast where Bungie’s Sandbox Designer Eric Smith confirmed that a patch is already in the works to set apart Hunter’s dodge function within the PvP and PvE following the December 7 update.  

Smith explained first the reason why they implemented such changes with Hunter’s dodge stating that for the perk to no longer break projectile tracking. However, due to the feedback they’ve seen from the “Destiny 2” community, Smith confirmed that they’ll go ahead to change that in an upcoming patch.  

He said that the update for the dodge “will only not break projectile tracking in PvP,” but players will still be able to in PvE. That said, Smith went on to say that Hunter Guardians can still get rid of those streaker bullets flying at them in the latter.  

Smith pointed out, though, that these changes won’t go live for launch, but will be shortly thereafter.  

A place within the ‘Destiny 2’ PvE loop   

In line with this, Bungie’s Sandbox Discipline Lead – Kevin Yanes – commented that it was a thing that they saw that they totally agreed with, and due to the “swath of changes” that they made, that one according to him fell through the cracks adding that it was not in their intention to do it. Further, Yanes said that they want Hunters to have a place within “Destiny 2’s” PvE loop adding that the said change was like a no-brainer to him.  

Hunter main  

When asked if he’s a Hunter main, Smith revealed that he started playing “Destiny 2” as a Hunter main adding that the said Guardian class was his first love. He pointed out, though, he now tries to switch characters every season in “D2” “just to get a good grasp of all of them.” 

(Skip to 45:24 of the video)

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