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Ohio Government Approves Bill to Mandate Finance Education in Schools

Children wearing masks in a classroom in state of Florida. Pic credit: CBS Miami via YouTube

Ohio is the latest entrant in states to include personal finance in the students’ curriculum. The change applies to all high school students. The students will now need to take a half-credit finance course before their graduation. The Republican governor approved this change on October 28. Ohio leads the list of largest states to adopt this measure with several hundred schools. “ I was a banker for 41 years, and I saw the results of us not teaching our children financial literacy. I wanted to do something about it,” said Ohio state Sen. Steve Wilson, chairman of Ohio’s Senate’s Financial Institutions and Technology Committee.

A Step Towards Financial Literacy

The inclusion of personal finance is a revolutionary step in the academic sector of the state. It will train the students to become financially independent. Personal finance is a unique addition to the academic curriculum; students and professors will welcome it.

One of the concerned authorities said that personal finance lessons would help kids come out of an orthodox mindset and make them well equipped to handle their finances. Others noted that children cant be taught about money through academic books. The modern world poses complex challenges, and students need to be well trained to handle those challenges in the future. A specific provision in the personal finance bill provides students with adequate financial support to carry out their education without a halt.

Students Give Positive Reviews

Several students have spoken very highly of this initiative taken by the Ohio government. Their statements reflect a sense of maturity and satisfaction. The students are happy that personal finance lessons will aid their overall development and make their life easier. Ohio’s measure also inspires other states across the U.S. Many other states might take similar steps and take similar actions in the future. According to a CNBC report, “ Students, who played a major role in convincing legislators to take up the bill, are glad to see that personal finance education will be available to every child in Ohio in the future.”

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1 Comment

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