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Scott Peterson’s Resentencing To Life Term In December



Scott Peterson, who till last year was on death row for murders committed 15 years ago, will be resentenced on Dec. 8, according to a Californian judge who passed the verdict Wednesday.

The judge said she plans to sentence him to life imprisonment and will separately consider whether the convict gets a new trial for the murders of his pregnant wife and unborn son in 2002.

In 2005, Peterson was convicted of the twin murders and handed out a death sentence. After spending a decade and a half on death row, his sentence was nullified by California Supreme Court. Prosecutors said they won’t seek the death sentence again.

WATCH: The Trial of Scott Peterson

During Wednesday’s hearing, Stanislaus County District Attorney Birgit Fladager said it was no longer a death penalty case and more of a life without parole case. She said the resentencing hearing shouldn’t last more than a couple of hours with statements from the family of Laci Peterson, who was 27, and 8 months pregnant when she was killed.

Scott Peterson has been attending hearings remotely from San Quentin State Prison but will be appearing in person during resentencing hearing.

Last year, the high court said that jurors were improperly dismissed as some were personally against capital punishment but were willing to impose.

This resulted in the high court ordering Superior Court Judge Anne-Christine Massullo to decide if the convict deserves a new trial. This has complicated the timing of retrial and who should represent Peterson. As it is no longer a death penalty case, Defence attorneys who work for the Habeas Corpus attorneys can’t represent him.

Massullo will consider the timing and who should represent the convict during the hearing later this month.

Peterson’s lawyers say Juror 7 lied when questioned during the selection process to join the jury. She has co-authored a book regarding the case.

The Supreme Court ruled that there was a lot of circumstantial evidence incriminating Peterson in the murder of his wife and unborn son.

According to prosecutors, Peterson took his wife’s body from their home in Modesto on Christmas eve and used his fishing boat to dump it in the San Francisco Bay from where it washed ashore in April 2003.

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San Francisco

San Francisco: One Dead, Two Injured In Fall During Phish Concert



Tragedy struck during a concert featuring the band Phish at Chase Center in San Francisco on Sunday when one person died and two were injured when they fell from the upper level.

A police spokesperson said that around 8.55 p.m. they got a call that a person was in need of medical assistance. When officers reached Chase Center, they found that the man had injuries caused by a fall, KPIX 5 reported.

“Medics were at the scene immediately and started assisting him but despite their best efforts, the injured man couldn’t be saved and was declared dead,” the spokesperson said.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner was informed and an investigation was initiated into the cause of death. Police say they haven’t found evidence of foul play. The man’s name wasn’t released.

Fell headfirst

According to reports on Reddit, which quoted witnesses, the man fell headfirst from the upper-level seating area and he struck a seat below with so much force that it broke. The witnesses said the staff was trying to clean blood from the victim’s injuries as police questioned attendees.

According to an eyewitness who posted on Reddit, the man landed a couple of rows behind him.

“It’s so lucky that no one else was hurt when he fell,” he wrote. “The sound of his falling and the scenes later were incredible and horrifying.”

People at the concert attended to a person who had fallen from the upper-level seating.

According to reports, the fall happened as the band was playing the first of the two-set performance.

An hour later, around 9:45 p.m., police and paramedics were again called when a second person fell off the upper level. In that incident, a man fell on another below. Both are now recovering in hospital.

According to an attendee, the person missed a step and as he wasn’t holding on to the handrail, he just kept going and fell right on top of another man below.

Many of the people present there told KPIX 5 that the railings on the upper level weren’t tall enough, which might have been the reason behind the falls.

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San Francisco

Two San Francisco Residents Arrested, Gun Recovered After Fight At Restaurant In Walnut Creek



A man and a woman, both residents of San Francisco, were arrested on suspicion of being party to several crimes after they were found in possession of a firearm during a fight in a restaurant in Walnut Creek on the weekend, police said on Monday, according to a media report.

At around 5 p.m. Sunday, police officers responded to a call saying there was a man armed with a gun at The Cheesecake Factory, situated at 1181 Locust Street, Mercury News reported.

The officers arrived at the scene just in time to detain several suspects, police said in a social media post Monday evening.

According to preliminary investigation, a fight erupted between several customers in the restaurant with a 20-year-old San Francisco native taking out a gun which was registered in the name of a 21-year-old woman, also belonging to San Francisco.

The man and the woman were arrested at the spot on suspicion of a number of charges, including carrying a loaded weapon in a public place, conspiracy to commit a crime, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Glock Pistol Recovered

When police searched the place, they found a bag in which there was a loaded Glock pistol with two additional magazines and a wallet, belonging to one of the two persons. The bag was hidden in a water fountain right next to the table where they were sitting, officers said.

A representative image of a Glock handgun. Pic credit: Wikimedia Commons.

According to county records, the two were initially locked up in Martinez county jail without bond, however, the woman was able to post bail at around 4 a.m., while the man did so in the afternoon at around 1:20 p.m.

A police statement claimed that in the last five years crime rate has remained consistent in the city, however, Jamie Knox, head of the Walnut Creek Police Department said several prominent incidents had taken place in the recent past.

“We know how disturbing a few incidents can be. That is why the city’s police department is stepping up patrolling downtown during weekends and this increased police visibility will enhance safety and assure citizens,” Knox said.

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San Francisco

Aussie Singer Held At Gunpoint, Robbed Of $30,000 Gear



Popular singer-songwriter and TikTok star Clinton Kane who was in San Francisco city to shoot a documentary and music video for a new album said he and his friends were held at gunpoint as their gear was robbed, media reported.

Kane, who is Australian, is best known for his song “I guess I am in love”, and has more than 100 million streams of his music online.

He told reporters he and two friends had just reached the city on Friday afternoon and parked their car in Marina District for lunch when they noticed men breaking into their car and stealing $30,000-worth of equipment. Kane and one of his friends gave chase and that’s when things took a potentially dangerous turn, reported

‘Literally Peed My Pants’

“They pulled guns on us, it was two against two. Seeing a gun held to my face was very scary and very weird. My adrenaline was pumping real hard and the shock, confusions and fear… I wet my pants. Not really but in my head I was,” Kane said.

Later, Kane joked that he will never again set foot in San Francisco after what he had experienced.

Clinton Kane’s car was broken into.

He will be back though as he has a tour planned here in December. However, he says he will not bring anything expensive and reminded everyone not to keep anything valuable in their cars.

Born to a Filipino father and a Norwegian mother, Clinton Kane’s 2021 singles “Chicken Tendies” and “I Guess I’m in Love” reached No. 88 and 90, respectively, on the US Billboard Hot 100, with “I Guess I’m in Love” peaking at No. 25 in Australia and No. 22 in the UK.

Columbia Records signed him up in 2019 after which he relocated to Los Angeles.

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