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Fully Vaccinated Teacher, Junior Student In Texas Succumb To COVID-19



As the deadly Delta variant of the coronavirus fast loses steam across the state of Texas, two deaths last week show that it will not vanish without causing more misery.

A fully vaccinated teacher, Eroletta Piascyk, at Christa McAuliffe Learning Center, and Sha’Niyah “Nienie” McGee, a junior student at Berkner High School, succumbed to the disease, officials from the Richardson Independent School District announced Monday, Daily Fort Worth reported.

Teacher Also Received A Booster Shot

According to Fox 4, Eroletta, who was a teacher for over 20 years, was following all health recommendations pertaining to COVID-19 and she even received her third shot, a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

RISD Superintendent Dr. Jeannie Stone said the teacher was admitted to the hospital and was expected to recover but her passing away came as a huge shock.

Richardson ISD issued a statement saying both Eroletta and Nienie were cherished members of the RISD family and they will be remembered and missed by their fellow teachers and classmates.

Described as being “kind and respectful”, McGee’s vaccination status isn’t known but she wasn’t attending school for a number of weeks before she passed away. She is the first student in the Dallas area to have died of COVID-19.

The RISD board of education held a meeting on Monday night and held a moment of silence for the two.

Masks Or No Masks

Mask-wearing in U.S. schools

Mask-wearing in U.S. schools. Credit:

Following the tragedies, a debate has once again started at Richardson ISD about measures needed to be taken against transmission of COVID-19, especially mask mandate. But parents still haven’t reached a consensus on whether mask mandate is the way forward or not.

According to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 5,226 breakthrough COVID-19 deaths were reported in the United States as of Sept. 27. Of the total number of deaths, 44% occurred in females, 86% in people aged 65 and older, and 17% in people who did not show symptoms or whose deaths were not related to COVID-19.

The data also states that more than 16,000 fully vaccinated Americans have been hospitalized with COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. As of now, infection rates across the United States have been going down since mid-September. The country has been reporting an average of 105,054 new COVID-19 infections daily over the past week.

The United States has so far recorded 43,947,979 COVID-19 cases and 705,190 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.


Child Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit And Stimulus Checks Create Confusion For Tax-Filing



Families To Get $300 Child Tax Credit Boost In Time For Thanksgiving – See If You're Eligible  

Confusing and long tax season, the tax preparers seem to be bracing it. It is due to the child tax credits and the stimulus checks received by Americans in 2021. The stimulus amount and the credits were not received by many. However, many families were entitled to it, and so they can claim it this year.

US Mothers Are Eligible For $1,000 Monthly Payments: Check Details.


Are there any rising questions from the public?

According to tax accountants, they are receiving many questions regarding CTC. Many families received it like a tax refund, six months early.

The Certified Public Accountant, Roy Mitchell, said the families who didn’t receive CTC can claim now. He says now is the time for claiming the amount of $3600 (up to) for every child, as per information provided by the Seattle Times.

Anyone can claim the stimulus check, which is missing as of now.

A lot of confusion is faced by the office of Roy Mitchell. It is from the people who are missing some amount of money and those who are not.

Smaller tax refunds confusion

Mitchell expects to hear from taxpayers who wonder why the refund is less than the previous year. It is because CTC was the advance on money that they used to receive at the time of filing. It is $1000 less this time.

The stimulus check of last year wouldn’t impact any refunds.

Check the mail for IRS letter

As per Mitchell, any parent having a child below 18 years of age should wait for filing until they receive the IRS letter. This letter will explain the amount received and the family’s own.
Anyone still confused about it all can talk with the tax pro. A talk with someone knowledgeable will help to get the money. They will also help to get 2021’s missing credit so that one doesn’t remain in vain of it, as per NBC4.

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Who Qualifies For Stimulus Check Payments For January 2022?



The government of the United States is trying to help during the spread of the Omicron Variant. They are ensuring to maintain the financial support.

It is expected that after January Federal government will provide help. They will financially help the Americans amidst the new wave of the COVID-19, i.e., the omicron variant. The citizens will be provided with stimulus check payments in the United States, as per Marca News.

Stimulus Checks till date and ahead

Economic stimulus checks 3 rounds have been there so far. Although, there still are some other checks one might qualify for in 2022 January.

The other stimulus checks that will be rolled out in January will be helping the families. It will help them cover the living costs. In simple terms, these checks will save countless houses from the economic crisis.

The government of the United States is expected for deploying further stimulus checks. These checks will act as the necessary protections. Anyone affected due to the ongoing pandemic.

Who are eligible for January’s possible checks?

It is very likely that the stimulus checks will be offered in January 2022 by the Federal Government, according to Marca News. These checks will be provided to the selected states and workers who used varied federal reliefs for offering bonuses to the teacher. These checks will be mainly for the frontline workers. They can be from any walk of life. Some Stimulus Checks will also be offered to the state residents who will be meeting income requirements.

Apart from the above, other eligible group is of the babies who are 2021 born. They are considered as the most recent of the Americans who are qualified for the payments. The payments go up to $1400 since 3rd check and to possible checks final round that will be provided in March. So, for qualifying for this amount, the household will be required to meet the requirements of income. It will be,

  • $1,50,000 for the married people who will be filing joint returns and
  • $75,000 for the individuals.

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Supplemental Security Holders Will Be Benefitted From Stimulus Checks



Fourth Stimulus Checks: Eligible Individuals Will Receive $660 UBI Payments Today.

Many states have announced the benefits of Stimulus Checks. The government funds will provide benefits to the American citizens to a greater extent. Once IRS gets rolled out this month through 3rd check, other payments do not seem to have a possibility.

Was any action taken against the ongoing scenario?

Concerns have been expressed by many on America’s current scenario. Petitions have also been filed in favour of added payments receipt. United States common people are not satisfied by the decisions and actions of government.

A lot of requests and demands were made. However, the federal government has turned on the deaf ear. They do not seem to be kept to provide any other payments set. The government initially stated that they would consider certain ideas for future payments.

Getting no reality, no interest has been shown in reality. Payment’s 3rd round got sent recently by IRS. $1400 was the value of such checks. It was sent out to qualified individuals as the direct payments.

Anyone whose income is below the amount of $75,000, they are entitled to receive stimulus checks. As per reports by Digital Market News, available money isn’t enough for seeing Americans for a long time. But many faces smiles have been broadened with the new stimulus checks, as stated by AS English news.

The government has sanctioned new payments for the Supplemental Security Income or SSI beneficiaries.

$1261 Stimulus Check will be received soon

Stimulus Checks announced for America’s elderly citizens’. But not all will receive this payment.
Supplemental Security benefits will be reaped by citizens entitled to this payment. $841 will be allotted to every individual, and to the couple, the allotted amount is $1261.

The payment increase is conveyed by the government to all beneficiaries. There has been a significant rise in COLA; the decision has an open welcome.

There is still a push for the stimulus check worth $1400. The beneficiaries of Social Security are keen to get additional payment. It is completely dependent on the government now.

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