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IRS Explains Reasons Of Some Child Tax Credit Payments Coming Late Or Less Than Expected

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Some Americans not receiving their child tax credit installment for September were blamed on a “technical issue” by the Internal Revenue Service.

Last week, 35 million child tax credits totaling $15 billion were given, however, around 2% of qualified beneficiaries did not get their payment.

According to the IRS, the unnamed technical issue that caused the delay has finally been rectified, and the installment is on its way. Those who did not get their payment should be getting them soon via direct deposit or in the following days if they received their cheques via mail.

Those taxpayers who had of late updated their bank account or address on the IRS child tax credit update portal as well as those married couples who are joint taxpayers where a bank or address change was made by one spouse were the majority of those who did not receive the payment for September, the IRS said.

“We know people depend on receiving these payments on time and we apologize for the delay,” the IRS said.

Under the new expanded child tax credit, payment of up to $300 is to be made for every child aged 5 years or less and a maximum of $300 for children aged between 6 and 17 years. The federal government started making the payments to the eligible parents in July this year and is set to continue till December. The remaining amount of $1,500 or $1,800 can be included for a claim when filing 2021 taxes.


Checks forte payments are usually sent out on the 15th of every month.

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According to the IRS, there are many reasons why the eligible receivers of the payments might receive a different amount than expected. One of the reasons is if one spouse changes their address or bank account while the other did not, resulting in the other spouse’s share going to an old address or bank account.

According to the tax department, the entire payment will still be delivered in these cases. Recently completed tax returns is also another reason for the variation in the monthly payment amounts, the IRS said.

In September however, higher than expected payments will be received by some families. Many of the families did not get their payments for July or August and they are slated to receive their first monthly installment this month which will include their entire advance payment for the year. The payment will however be distributed over a period of four months  instead of six months. that will make each of the four payments to be received bigger than expected.

Each payout for these families is up to $450 per month for each kid under the age of six, and up to $375 per month for each child aged six to seventeen.

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  4. Angel Dobbins

    December 3, 2021 at 2:52 AM

    I haven’t gotten my daughter child tax credit not even the 1st one and so on…. I tryed calling getting help i was told they couldn’t help me I messed it up where I wasn’t able to get nothing now. My daughter has a birthday and Christmas and she isn’t going have q good one this year do to me not having the money to get what she wanted. I was told to wait till income taxs season to fill for her child tax return…. can someone please help me she will be 17 Dec.20th

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  7. Tina green

    December 17, 2021 at 9:13 PM

    What about elderly people who are on ssi ssa ssdi there people too don’t you think of those too am sorry but that’s how I feel

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Megan Trutt Dies: What Exactly Happened To Her?



Megan Trutt Dies: What Exactly Happened To Her?

Megan Trutt, a 37-year-old Rochester, New York, resident, was tragically engaged in a deadly accident on Friday, February 19, 2023. Her family and friends have been devastated by the event, which has also made others wonder whether pedestrians in cities are safe. Through several media outlets, the New York State Police confirmed this information and hinted at ongoing inquiries. To learn more about Megan Trutt, including who she was, how she passed away, what caused her passing, memorials, and much more, continue going through the article.

Megan Trutt Dies: What Exactly Happened To Her?

Megan Trutt: How Did She Die?

A pick-up truck struck a female pedestrian on Rt. 104 overnight into Friday, seriously injuring her, according to the New York State Police. According to the NYSP, the woman was walking in the centre lane travelling east when she was struck by the pick-up vehicle, which was unable to avoid her. The vehicle was also hit by another car.

The pedestrian was then taken to Strong Memorial Hospital, according to the police, where she was treated for her severe wounds. Authorities claim that neither of the drivers showed signs of intoxication or weakness, and neither was injured.

Although the facts surrounding Megan’s death are still being investigated, early indications point to the truck driver perhaps being at blame. The collision happened at a notoriously dangerous junction for pedestrians, and there had been several other accidents there recently.

Cause Of Death

On February 19, 2023, Megan Tuck, 37, a longtime Rochester, New York resident, suddenly passed away. The New York State Police confirmed on Saturday that she was struck by a pick-up truck on Highway 104 and died due to her injuries.

She reportedly died after being killed by a truck that hit her as she crossed the roadway. Authorities said they are currently investigating the accident.

Her friend Rachel Santiago posted information about the service on Facebook and stated:

“Hello, All! This is information on Meg’s Celebration of Life, including information on the event in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania. A celebration in Rochester, New York, with more information to come, WILL be held shortly after. So don’t worry if you live here! All of her loved ones will be able to attend our lovely celebration. Follow us for more information. Choose your deadliest black outfit and make her proud while you wait. Let’s send her goodbye in style, like the boss that she will always be. #WeLoveYouMeg.”

Accidents involving pedestrians can be caused by various things, such as speeding, being distracted while driving, and inadequate visibility. Yet, the absence of pedestrian-safe infrastructure, such as walkways, crosswalks, or bike lanes, is one of the significant reasons for pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians are frequently considered a secondary consideration in metropolitan settings mainly built with cars in mind.

Also, word of Megan’s passing soon filtered through the neighbourhood, and many people expressed their horror and sympathised with the grieving family. Many people in her town adored Megan because of her reputation for kindness and compassion.


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Davis Causey died: Know His Cause Of Death



On Sunday, February 19, 2023, Davis Causey, a guitarist with the Sea Level Band, tragically went away. Let’s see how he died.

Davis Causey died

Davis Causey: Cause Of Death

A Sea Level Band member named Davis Causey had passed away. Causey gained popularity in Athens and abroad for his ability to combine various sounds uniquely.

Long after he is gone, his music will be remembered for the profundity and emotional resonance it gave its listeners.

His passing was verified by Strolling Bones Records, which released a statement that says, “It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Davis Causey. Davis was an incredibly talented musician with an exceptionally kindhearted, caring soul. We are all devastated by his loss. Our hearts are with his family and loved ones at this time.”

His brother Randall Bramblett shared a sympathy message on social media to share the terrible news.

Davis Causey, an American guitarist, was a part of the Sea Level band of Southern rock musicians. In 1976, Sea Level was established by Allman Brothers Band alumni Chuck Leavell and Jaimoe. The ensemble included renowned musicians Jimmy Nalls, Lamar Williams, and Randall Bramblett.

It has been announced that Davis Causey has passed away. Davis Causey died abruptly on Sunday, February 19, 2023, from unidentified causes.

Social media was swamped with condolences after Davis Causey’s passing was announced. His abrupt passing shocked and grieved his friends and family.

Randall Bramblett verified Davis’s passing in a social media post. He omitted to identify his reason for death, though.

We respect the privacy of Davis Causey’s family during this difficult time, as they have not yet revealed the cause of his death.



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Deane Lester dead: All You Need To Know About His Death



The world of horse racing was prepared for it. But, that didn’t make it any simpler. Deane Lester, a highly regarded expert, has gone.

As word recently surfaced that Lester was engaged in a struggle with an aggressive malignancy, tears were already welling up in the business.

Deane Lester dead: All You Need To Know About His Death

At 54, he passed away in the night at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital with his family by his side.

After Lester’s passing was confirmed, the industry in Australia as a whole — many of them from Channel 7 — entered a state of profound sadness.

Around 11 p.m. last night, a statement from the racing and sports radio station RSN confirmed that Lester had passed away peacefully.

An immediate outburst of emotion followed the news.

“It is with great sadness we inform you of the passing of our much-loved friend and colleague Deane Lester,” the statement read.

“We extend our deepest condolences to Deane’s mother Sandra and his partner Leanne.”

Lester has struggled with health problems all of his life.

He had Spina Bifida at birth, and starting in 2002, he relied on a mobility scooter to get around.

“Despite this, Deane never complained, moving forward with courage and dignity,” the statement read.

He only recently received a rare sort of cancer diagnosis.

More than $290,000 has been raised through a “Go Fund Me” campaign to help Deane with her needs, including medical expenses.

In a recent memorial video for Lester produced by Chanel 7, renowned broadcaster Bruce McAvaney he talked warmly of his colleague.

“What about that humour and that ability to go with the question and almost know what you want- that rhythm and that tone, that authenticity, that moment when he says ‘Flemington Race 5 The Turnbull stakes and my numbers are … we’ll give you those later,’ and that wisdom,” McAvaney said.

“If I could collect a couple of people and talk racing for an hour, and look them in the eye and enjoy – Deano would be there, boy, I’d love to do that – I hope I do.

“And then finally that trust, we just trust him don’t we, we absolutely do.”

Everyone adored Lester, according to Channel 7 horse racing reporter Katelyn Mallyon, a fourth-generation jockey.

“He’s so popular, everyone loves Deano, and I think everyone’s just drawn to listening to him whether it be on radio, or Channel 7,” she said.

“He’s incredibly talented at reading a race but more importantly, reading a jockey’s mind.

“We’re going to fight with you Deano and we love you to bits.”


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