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$20 Minimum Wage For All Employees Announced By San Antonio Company



In a step that is potentially the first in the industry, a prominent San Antonio firm has announced that it will raise the minimum wage for its employees from $15 to $20.

Security Service Federal Credit Union (SSFCU) announced the hike on Thursday, stating that it will directly affect almost 400 staff, with the majority of them working as member contact centre agents.

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“This move is about people, and how we enable our best and brightest talent to be successful at work and in life,” said president and CEO Jim Laffoon. “This action sends a message to our employees that we not only value them but that they are a key success factor in achieving the future we want for our company and for our members.”

SSFCU employs over 1,900 people and has locations in Texas, Colorado, and Utah.

According to SSFCU officials, the pay rise will take effect at the end of September and will apply to all new recruits going forward.

“Staying competitive with wages, a robust benefits package, and 401k plan, allows us to retain the best talent and provide the high level of service our members deserve,” said executive vice president and chief human resources officer Cindy Moran.

Headquartered in San Antonio, SSFCU has more than 803,000 members.

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San Antonio

San Antonio Spurs: ESPN records two remarkable victories in a single week



After all, San Antonio Spurs fans, ESPN does occasionally get things right. It’s easy to see why Spurs fans have been dissatisfied with the major sports network throughout the years, given their long history of favoring big-market teams and personalities.

Even in their heyday, the Spurs didn’t always seem to earn the respect they deserved. Fortunately, the majority of the fanbase, and certainly the series itself, is unconcerned. Still, gaining national recognition, regardless of source, can only be beneficial to a team aiming to improve anything from ticket sales to overall performance.

After excluding them from all national broadcasts last season, ESPN decided to toss the Alamo City a bone by scheduling a game against the Memphis Grizzlies in January of the following year. The game will be one of the Spurs’ five nationally televised games, with the other four being shown on NBATV.

We were surprised to see the Spurs on ESPN’s schedule at all, as they don’t have any of the major stars the network generally looks for. Even though it was only one game, we think it’s a step in the right direction for the national network and a win.

On Wednesday afternoon, ESPN made another Spurs-related decision that Spurs supporters should appreciate: the cancellation of The Jump. The decision was most likely made as a result of Rachel Nichols’ statements towards Maria Taylor, a colleague.

While that is the point of the post, the cancellation of The Jump also benefits the Spurs by reducing the amount of Kendrick Perkins in our lives. In the last year, the retired center has made a habit of criticizing Coach Popovich. Following that, following Team USA’s gold-medal triumph, he went for Kevin Durant and Draymond Green.

Hopefully, they don’t include Kendrick Perkins in their replacement daily NBA show, instead opting for retired players like Vince Carter or Tim Legler. Spurs supporters could use a break from being exhorted to “carry on” every day. ESPN deserves credit for making several wise decisions recently.

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A series of movie deals has been signed by San Antonio-based talent, ranging from Robert Rodriguez to Henry Thomas



There hasn’t been a shortage of new Hollywood projects, and there hasn’t been any shortage of Alamo City-based filmmakers, performers, and other innovators working in them. Deals and projects with HBO and HBO Max, Paramount+, Netflix, and others are among them. Here’s what some of San Antonio’s local talent has been up to this month.

Robert Rodriguez

The director of Spy Kids, Desperado, Machete, and Alita: Battle Angel, who was born in San Antonio and now lives in Austin, just secured a deal with HBO and HBO Max to potentially develop original shows for the network and streaming platform. Racer Rodriguez, Rodriguez’s son, will be the lead development executive under the new deal.

In addition to his HBO arrangement, Rodriguez has moved his cable TV channel, El Rey Network, to the streaming platform Roku Channel. El Rey was launched in 2013 by the director to provide content to English-speaking Latinos. The shows From Dusk to Dawn: The Series, Matador, and Lucha Underground were among the network’s original programming.

Henry Thomas

Although a remake of the 1989 horror film Pet Sematary was only released a few years ago, Paramount has already expressed interest in doing it again. This time, they’ve cast Henry Thomas (E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial) from San Antonio in an unspecified part. The new adaptation, which will air on Paramount+, is based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel of the same name from 1983. The plot revolves around a parent who uncovers an old burial ground near his home and gains the ability to resurrect the dead.

Jessica Collins

Adrian Grenier (TV’s Entourage) plays a man whose abduction is aired online in Clickbait, a new Netflix miniseries that premieres on Wednesday, August 25. Jessica Collins, a San Antonio native who attended both Clark High School and the Julliard School, has ties to the Alamo City. Collins made her acting debut in an episode of Ghost Whisperer in 2005. Since then, she’s appeared on AMC’s Rubicon and NBC’s Revolution as a regular.

Jared Paladecki

Jared Paladecki, the star of Walker and a resident of San Antonio, has lately revealed further facts about what transpired in June when he complained about being passed up for a new TV project. Paladecki was responding to a tweet from Jensen Ackles, his Supernatural co-star. On the show, he and Ackles portrayed brothers Dean and Sam Winchester. The Winchesters, a new series starring Ackles as the narrator, will relate the story of Dean and Sam’s parents, according to Ackles’ tweet.

Michelle Rodriguez

The San Antonio-born actress is expected to return for a 10th installment of the Fast and Furious film franchise, a movie that now has an official release date. The presently unnamed sequel is scheduled for an April 7, 2023, theatrical release. That’s plenty of time to figure out how to get the entire crew up into space, so they can burn rubber on Mars.

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COVID-19 issues claim the lives of three San Antonio family members in a matter of days



The coronavirus has affected three pillars of one San Antonio family in just a few days. A father and his two daughters were all infected with the virus and died within eight days after being admitted to the ICU.

“Moms take care of everything,” Desiree Moczygemba said, adding that her three loved ones all caught COVID-19 within days of each other.

Delilah Bustos Arreola, Moczygemba’s mother; Jose Bustos, her grandfather; and Veronica Bustos Gonzalez, Moczygemba’s aunt, were all in the ICU at the same time. Desiree’s grandfather died while her mother and aunt were intubated. Moczygemba says she was in her grandfather’s house when he passed out. He was rushed to the hospital and placed on a bypass mask for 17 days before passing away.

“The day my aunt was intubated on August 17…she was intubated four hours prior to my grandfather’s passing, so we were unable to inform her of my mom’s critical state,” she said. “We were unable to inform my aunt as well of my grandfather’s passing, so she passed away, shortly after and I felt she kind of knew in her heart that her dad was gone.”

She recalls her family’s sensitivity to others through a difficult time. The virus infected three normally healthy people who had not received a COVID-19 vaccine. Meanwhile, Moczygemba stated that she, her father, and her uncle had all received vaccinations. Just one person is working among 16 immediate relatives. She claims that other members of her family are expecting a kid.

Moczygemba says she doesn’t want anyone to be in her shoes and encourages them to be vaccinated. Around the time her loved ones were in the hospital, she tested positive for the virus. They were a tight family, according to Moczygemba, and their deaths feel like the loss of a second father and mother to her.

Moczygemba also said that “We like to say we’re ‘Bustos Strong,’ nothing can tear us apart. And at the end of the day, we come together.”

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