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Supporting LGBTQ+ owned Businesses in Charlotte

David Crabtree



The LGBTQ+ population grows rapidly in Charlotte and contributes to economic development here. Show your support by visiting these LGBTQ+-owned businesses in Charlotte.

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Detour Coffee Bar

A moving coffee bar truck around Charlotte is owned by Mike Hargett, a former bookstore barista. Detour Coffee bar not only offers various coffee-based beverages but also an extensive range of non-coffee beverages including apple cider, tea, and soda. To complete your drink, you can enjoy freshly baked cupcakes or muffins. Since Detour Coffee Bar uses truck for their operations, one can view their schedule on their website at and accordingly plan where one can catch them.

300 East

This legendary restaurant, founded in 1986, serves extensive foods and beverages such as snacks, salads, sandwiches, craft beers, and many more. The special thing about this place is they serve special dishes for weekend brunches. One can visit this legendary restaurant at 300 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203. The shop also offers 50% discount on a glass of wine on Tuesdays.

White Rabbit

One of the magnificent LGBTQ+-owned businesses located at Plaza Midwood, White Rabbit offers various book collections, swim-wears, sportswear, cards, and movies. For those who want to find a unique gift, you can directly go to White Rabbit as they also sell many kinds of gifts. White Rabbit location at 920 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204

The Artisan’s Palate

For those with a fancy for a drink while spoiling their eyes with beautiful art – The Artisan’s Palate is the most appropriate choice. It offers wine, beer, and art displays. It also serves sharing platters to complete the drink experience. All the foods and beverages here are made with love by professional local chefs. Since this place is open from morning until late in the night, one can have breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Don’t worry, it will spoil your palate with special dishes on weekend brunches. The Artisan’s Palate locations at 1218 E 36th St A, Charlotte, NC 28205

Bean Vegan Cuisine

Good news for vegans – you can now go to Bean Vegan Cuisine, which is one of the LBGTQ+ owned businesses here. Bean Vegan Cuisine serves a lot of comfort foods – from burgers to breakfast, BBQ to buffalo fingers. The restaurant is friendly for vegans as well as non-vegans. Bean vegan Cuisine is located at 3001 East Independence Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28205. If you’re too lazy to go out, Bean Vegan Cuisine serves takeout orders too.

Indeed these five amazing places need to be visited – which will help in supporting local business and help to raise economic growth and reducing poverty in Charlotte.

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On the Caspian shore of Russia, thousands of dead seals have washed up



Russian authorities inspected the coastline.

Officials announced on Sunday that over 2,500 dead seals had been discovered near the Caspian Sea coast of Russia.

Authorities in the Russian province of Dagestan stated that the cause of the shocking mass deaths was unknown and that they believed it was probably due to natural causes.

The number of dead seals discovered off the coast on Saturday initially appeared to be 700, but later rose to 2,500, according to the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

The Caspian Environmental Protection Center’s Zaur Gapizov stated in a statement that the seals had probably been dead for a few weeks. He claimed that there was no evidence that they had been killed or caught in fishing nets.

The dead seals were thought to have perished due to natural causes.

According to a statement posted on the Telegram messaging app by the Dagestan natural resources ministry, samples taken from the seals’ internal organs did not contain any traces of pollution.

A North Caucasus fisheries official was quoted by the business newspaper Kommersant as suggesting that the seals may have perished due to protracted storms, although the news website suggested that the mass deaths may have been brought on by a natural gas leak from the sea’s abundant resources.

The Dagestan ministry stated after this incident that there was still a stable number of Caspian seals in the region, “ranging from 270,000 to 300,000.”

According to RIA, the seals are at the top of the food chain and have no natural enemies as adults. They can grow to a length of more than 1.6 metres (5.2 feet) and a weight of up to 100 kilogrammes (200 pounds).

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At the Union Square subway station, a man was robbed and cut in the face



Police reported that a guy was cut on a Queens subway platform early on Sunday and was taken to the hospital.

Around 6 a.m., the attacker cut the victim with a sharp object as he was standing on a platform for the northbound F train at the Kew Gardens/Union Turnpike station, according to police.

Following the suspect onto the station, the victim argued with the suspect while he was attempting to retrieve his bag.

The defendant allegedly then produced a knife, cut the victim in the face, and fled.

The victim’s minor cut was treated.

The suspect managed to get away with the bag, which had a pair of boots and several equipment for building valued a combined total of approximately $420.

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man who killed 70 years old Massachusetts couple over a barking dog was found in Florida.



man who killed 70 years old Massachusetts couple over a barking dog was found in Florida.

Police stated that they had apprehended the fugitive suspected of fatally murdering an elderly Massachusetts couple during a dispute about a noisy dog in Florida.

The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office reported that Christopher Keeley, 27, was apprehended Thursday at 8:20 p.m. in Miami Beach, approximately 1,500 miles from the Marshfield home where he is accused of beating Carl and Vicki Mattson, both 70, to death.

The couple and Keeley allegedly got into a fight about a barking dog, according to the police.

According to court documents obtained by CBS, the alleged brute had been staying in the Mattson’s Gotham Hill Drive house as a courtesy to a family member but had just been ordered to leave.

According to Keeley’s arrest on a warrant as an out-of-state fugitive, Miami-Dade County jail records show this. It was unclear at first if Keeley had hired a lawyer.


Massachusetts couple


Questions were not immediately answered by representatives of the Massachusetts State Police and the Miami-Dade Police Department. It was impossible to speak with a district attorney’s office representative for Plymouth County right away.

A dog that had been reported missing earlier was also discovered dead inside the home, according to the DA. It’s unclear to whom the dog belonged or how it passed away.

This would not be the first time Keeley had turned to murder after a dispute.

In a dispute over a phone charger when he was 18 years old, Keeley broke his grandmother’s vehicle window, according to The Patriot Ledger. He was accused of intentionally causing damage to a vehicle.

man who killed 70 years old Massachusetts couple over a barking dog was found in Florida


According to Keeley, he attacked the couple after a dispute about a barking dog.

At least two further significant run-ins with the law involved Keeley. According to the publication, he was detained in 2016 at the age of 21 for organising and carrying out a group beating of a man with autism before snatching his cellphone and wallet. According to reports, a court in Massachusetts deemed Keeley “to be dangerous,” and he was subsequently given an 18-month prison term.

Keeley was recently charged with narcotics possession after it was claimed that he was found driving about with marijuana and Xanax. According to court documents obtained by The Ledger, he was charged with drug offences.

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