5 California children orphaned as parents succumb to Covid-19

five children in California were tragically orphaned after their parents died of Covid-19 in recent weeks. The couple, who had a 3-week old newborn and four other children aged between 2 and 7 years, had to be admitted to hospitals for Covid-19 complications after they had returned from a vacation.

The name of the couple was Daniel and Davy Macias. Davy Macias was a 37-year-old nurse and was pregnant when emergencies brought her to the hospital. She gave birth to her child eight days before she passed away on August 26.

According to hospital officials, the couple was brought to the hospital and admitted to the Covid ward. it is believed that they had contacted the virus during the vacation. 

Davy’s husband, Daniel Macias, died on September 10, 2021. His situation got worse just days after his wife last month.

Credit – foxnews.com

According to the state’s official Covid-19 website, California’s new average daily cases is now 10,531. The state currently has 4,372,806 total confirmed cases, with 66,813 confirmed deaths.

As a response to the ever-growing cases and rapid mutations of the virus, California has already vaccinated 49.2M,  with 22.6M or 57.3% fully vaccinated. According to state records, the test positivity rate was 4.4%. 

“There aren’t words to explain the loss of both him and Davy. Keep the kids in your thoughts and prayers. They gained two angels but still have a long road ahead of them,” said the sister-in-law of Daniel, Terri Serey, in their GoFundMe page for the children,

To date, the fundraising campaign already reached $241,000 and a bunch of supplies for the Macias children. The kids are now in their grandparents’ custody.

Even before the tragic incident, Davy Macias wrote on her Facebook about pandemic control. “COVID does not discriminate, and it’s a scary place in the hospitals right now. Nurses are tired, we have anxiety before going to work, we sit in our cars, and we cry after our long shifts. We mourn for the patients and the families,” Davy Macias had written. 



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