A mother shoots son over a missing SD card

On Sunday, authorities sued a 37-year old Chicago woman for the murder of a 12-year old who happened to be the child of the woman. According to reports, the incident happened because the mother was enraged after finding out her son had allegedly taken her missing SD memory card.

Prosecutors said that the mother had previously had asked her son about the missing card, but the kid constantly denied he is involved with it. Reports said the woman ultimately lost patience and shot the son, Harris One report said the kid was conscious and crying.

The incident happened on Saturday morning at around 10:15 a.m.

Reports said that even after shooting the boy, the mother continued to interrogate her son for the second time around, to which the denied that he got her missing SD card. Following this, reports said, the woman fired a second shot which fatally wounded the boy – making him consciousness.

Credit – foxbangor.com

The boy laid down on the floor due to the critical gunshot on his body. Emergency teams brought him to the University of Chicago Medical Center, but he was pronounced dead shortly after being brought to medication.
According to court documents, a CBS report claimed that the mother had herself removed the card from her car.

According to the family and relatives of the mother, Harris had been mentally ill and was acting paranoid for the past few weeks. The police suspect the mother too she has a mental illness.

The mother admitted committing the crime upon interrogation. She was conscious of what happened as she narrated shooting her son and even showed police the gun she had at the incident. She also had a concealed carry license.

The City Medical examiner’s office stated that the boy died from constant and multiple gunshot wounds to the head. Harris now faces a first-degree murder charge, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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