Texas Hospitals’ Tug of War between following the mandated Vaccination Rule or not

On Thursday, the death toll from the highly infectious and easy to spread delta variant of Covid 19 increased nationwide. As people read this article, more and more new cases are springing about. This scenario gave an impetus to President Joe Biden to create an administrative policy that mandates vaccination for employees in hospitals.

In confusion, there is a disjunct between President Biden’s policy and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Gov. Abbott strongly advocates against the mandated vaccination policy, creating a tug war of who should be followed by Texas’s various private and public hospitals.


Today, there is an estimate of 120 public hospitals barred from following such mandates. Gov. Abbott created an executive order to block the national administrative policy creating a more complex and dangerous situation in dealing with the pandemic.

Accordingly to Adam Willman, Goodall Witcher Healthcare public hospital chief executive officer, “I’ve got President Biden telling me he is going to mandate it, but I have Gov. Abbott who says I cannot mandate it. Do I or don’t I? So I’m just kind of waiting for the dust to settle from yesterday to really sit down with my administrative team and see where we go from here.”

Credit – texastribune.org

Alongside the issue, a new regulation would also mandate hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, and similar facilities to require employee vaccinations as a condition to get systemic help from Medicare and Medicaid this coming October.


This vaccine divide between two leaders creates turmoil among workers who don’t want to get the shot and were already planning to leave due to burnout. As for other people, they feel protected because of the policy they wished should have been out sooner.

As of the moment, the Texas Hospital Association, which makes up nearly 650 hospitals, is still in the process of analyzing Biden’s policy and what implications it can bring to the pandemic control.

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