Latest September Covid-19 Report for Texans

An increase of 16,863 vaccine doses has been administered in the last 30 days, while there is an overwhelming 429 patient decrease in Covid-related hospitalizations. The average number of new cases decreased to 777 a week ago; however, the average number of recent deaths increased to 18 just this week. 

On September 10, 400 new deaths, 19,050 new confirmed cases, and 4,195 new probable cases got on the list. As of September 9, 13,422 Texans are in hospitals due to Covid 19. An average of 80,461 vaccine doses in the last month, giving 48.6% of Texans are now fully vaccinated.



  1. Currently, President Biden issued an administrative policy mandating all hospitals to vaccinate their employees; however, Gov. Abbott is still in the process of strongly going against it. 
  2. COVID 19 hospitalizations have leveled down, but some Texas hospitals are porting ICU bed shortages. Dangerously more hospitals are suffering from low staffing levels, and to balance, the Texan state sent thousands of health workers to fill in the gap.
  3. In the latest news, at least 45 districts prohibited face-face classes, resulting in Texas’ teacher shortage worse.
  4. There are countless lawsuits filed against Abbott’s executive order banning masks.


As of the moment, the state has recorded around 3.8 million cases of COVID 19. Harris takes the first spot with an average daily case of 2,381, while Dallas had 1,290 placing second. Tarrant has 1,408, followed by Bexar, El Paso, Travis, Collin, Fort Bend, Denton, and last spot, with Hidalgo having 216 average daily cases. Most COVID 10 patients are now in Houston and Corpus Christi.

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These official data came from the Texas Department of State Health Services; most updates are at 4 PM each day. In increasing the pace of publishing information, the state has bypassed the months-long due process of verifying data which means most information variables are still provisional and are subject to change.



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