Biden’s Policy on Covid 19 Home Test Product usage Expands

Currently, more than 50% of the country is already fully vaccinated. Still, given the rapid mutations of Covid 19, the Food and Drug Administration, together with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, highly encourage individuals experiencing any mild to severe symptoms of Covid 19 to be tested.

The policy is in line with President Biden’s efforts to improve the efficiency of actions to stop the pandemic. The President is pressuring the Defense Production Act to ramp up the accessibility of rapid testing by increasing such test availability across the country. Rapid testing in homes is much easier to use and gives quick results.

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Rapid tests give you instant results in an hour, convenient for workers who need to get tested regularly for work purposes.
To further understand the gravity of urgency for rapid testing, here is a discussion on how it works;

Why is rapid testing necessary, and how accurate is it?
The use of rapid testing regularly puts a question on its effectiveness and accuracy. Studies show that rapid tests accurately avoid false positives. This study means validating someone who is not infected if they Covid 19. Statistically, research has provided data of it detecting the virus 60% every time. Regardless, the FDA and CDC still advise individuals to get tested immediately.


Where are rapid tests accessible?
The strategic standpoint of rapid tests is that it is available in pharmacy counters. No one needs a prescription from the doctor nor any assessment from any health center just to get tested. For home testings, it should have approval from the FDA.

While there are ongoing debates on how to stop Covid 19, the US government advises taking precautionary measures regardless if they are vaccinated or not. Frequent testing prevents the massive spread of Covid mutations due to its preventive approach.



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