Officer Shoots Man While Responding to a Call in Far East Dallas

A Dallas officer reportedly shot at an unidentified man while responding to a call at 9700 block of Rustown Drive in Far East Dallas on Thursday night, police said. The suspect was however not hit and no one else were injured, police said.   

The authorities claimed that the officers were responding to a call about a group of men who were drinking and shooting a gun in the air in an alley at 9700 block of Rustown Drive, sloe to Oates Drive and Ferguson Road.

The incident happened just after 8:30 p.m. on Thursday night. upon arrival, a police team tried to talk to the group of men. One from the group started to flee the scene and was shot at by the officers after he did not respond to police directions to not run.    

The police claimed that the an was taken into custody but it is not known whether the suspect was arrested by the police. Apart from the initial shot, no other incident happened till the man as taken into custody.  

According to the police, the man who was allegedly shot has not been identified yet and none were injured at the site of the incident. 

The authorities however refused to release any further details linked to the incident. No information about why the officer fired at the man or if the officer was threatened was also revealed by the police. 

According to the spokesperson from the Dallas Police Department, they are still investigating the shooting incident.

”This is an active investigation. More information will be released as it becomes available and considered as suitable to do so,” he said.

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