Power outages lead to shortages in groceries and other essentials in Hurricane Ida

Almost 800,000 customer remains without electricity, Louisiana residents are scrambling to load up on milk, bread and water and find gas for their cars.

Five days after  Hurricane Ida hit the Southeast,  more than 800,000 homes and businesses still don’t have power service. The hunt for essentials — groceries, cleaning supplies and fuel — continues fueling the people  dread for the challenges still ahead.

On Friday at gas station in Louisiana lines stretched for blocks.Some markets had begun rationing water, ice, bread, milk and other staples, while one pharmacy chain had deployed mobile units to devastated communities.

Id workers deliver food on dark nights in the neighborhood by the headlights of their trucks.In New Orleans a Louisiana ran groceries and ice from a supermarket in Lafayette to an elderly Catholic nun about 2½ hours away in ideal condition.

Families gather to avoid many shopping trips and waste of critical supplies due to lack of fuel supply.The result, residents and aid workers say, is a growing sense of anguish as Louisianians confront the storm’s sprawling aftereffects.

In the Northeast after the  Hurricane Ida pound the region has more than 47 death toll.

Blair Broussar said, “I’m passionate about making sure people know about how impactful the storm really was, even though you don’t see video of the French Quarter being destroyed,” 

A spokeswoman told The Washington Post that the Waffle House, considered by emergency management officials the gold standard of disaster preparedness, has reopened all but 10 of the 90 restaurants it closed when the storm struck.

An estimated 825,000 electric meters remained offline as of Friday, including 700,000 from Entergy, Louisiana’s largest utility. The company said it would be another five days before its grid was fully restored, down from earlier estimates of up to three weeks.

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