San Antonio Spurs: ESPN records two remarkable victories in a single week

After all, San Antonio Spurs fans, ESPN does occasionally get things right. It’s easy to see why Spurs fans have been dissatisfied with the major sports network throughout the years, given their long history of favoring big-market teams and personalities.

Even in their heyday, the Spurs didn’t always seem to earn the respect they deserved. Fortunately, the majority of the fanbase, and certainly the series itself, is unconcerned. Still, gaining national recognition, regardless of source, can only be beneficial to a team aiming to improve anything from ticket sales to overall performance.

After excluding them from all national broadcasts last season, ESPN decided to toss the Alamo City a bone by scheduling a game against the Memphis Grizzlies in January of the following year. The game will be one of the Spurs’ five nationally televised games, with the other four being shown on NBATV.

We were surprised to see the Spurs on ESPN’s schedule at all, as they don’t have any of the major stars the network generally looks for. Even though it was only one game, we think it’s a step in the right direction for the national network and a win.

On Wednesday afternoon, ESPN made another Spurs-related decision that Spurs supporters should appreciate: the cancellation of The Jump. The decision was most likely made as a result of Rachel Nichols’ statements towards Maria Taylor, a colleague.

While that is the point of the post, the cancellation of The Jump also benefits the Spurs by reducing the amount of Kendrick Perkins in our lives. In the last year, the retired center has made a habit of criticizing Coach Popovich. Following that, following Team USA’s gold-medal triumph, he went for Kevin Durant and Draymond Green.

Hopefully, they don’t include Kendrick Perkins in their replacement daily NBA show, instead opting for retired players like Vince Carter or Tim Legler. Spurs supporters could use a break from being exhorted to “carry on” every day. ESPN deserves credit for making several wise decisions recently.