COVID-19 issues claim the lives of three San Antonio family members in a matter of days

The coronavirus has affected three pillars of one San Antonio family in just a few days. A father and his two daughters were all infected with the virus and died within eight days after being admitted to the ICU.

“Moms take care of everything,” Desiree Moczygemba said, adding that her three loved ones all caught COVID-19 within days of each other.

Delilah Bustos Arreola, Moczygemba’s mother; Jose Bustos, her grandfather; and Veronica Bustos Gonzalez, Moczygemba’s aunt, were all in the ICU at the same time. Desiree’s grandfather died while her mother and aunt were intubated. Moczygemba says she was in her grandfather’s house when he passed out. He was rushed to the hospital and placed on a bypass mask for 17 days before passing away.

“The day my aunt was intubated on August 17…she was intubated four hours prior to my grandfather’s passing, so we were unable to inform her of my mom’s critical state,” she said. “We were unable to inform my aunt as well of my grandfather’s passing, so she passed away, shortly after and I felt she kind of knew in her heart that her dad was gone.”

She recalls her family’s sensitivity to others through a difficult time. The virus infected three normally healthy people who had not received a COVID-19 vaccine. Meanwhile, Moczygemba stated that she, her father, and her uncle had all received vaccinations. Just one person is working among 16 immediate relatives. She claims that other members of her family are expecting a kid.

Moczygemba says she doesn’t want anyone to be in her shoes and encourages them to be vaccinated. Around the time her loved ones were in the hospital, she tested positive for the virus. They were a tight family, according to Moczygemba, and their deaths feel like the loss of a second father and mother to her.

Moczygemba also said that “We like to say we’re ‘Bustos Strong,’ nothing can tear us apart. And at the end of the day, we come together.”