Dressing Nonprofits for Success San Antonio assists folks in getting back on their feet and back to work

Because so many families in and around San Antonio are hurting financially as a result of the pandemic, some local NGOs are attempting to assist people in returning to work. Dress for Success San Antonio is one of these groups.

Interim executive director of Dress for Success San Antonio, Stephanie Shokrian said that “It’s been challenging and we’ve learned to navigate and overcome, while some nonprofits were closing their doors. We did stay open to serve clients in our community and help them work through the pandemic,”.

Hundreds of individuals have returned to work as a result of the pandemic, according to a local nonprofit.

Shokrian said that “It’s a really great process here, we have been open since the onset of the pandemic without any interruptions doing curbside, and we also do assessments in our facility. So the way that it works is you can come by referral process or just walk in. Either way, it’s perfectly fine. And you’ll come in, you’ll get an assessment and orientation to our programs. After that, we’ll figure out exactly what your needs are, what your employment goals are and we’ll help you from there”.

Despite the fact that the facility is stocked with a wide range of professional attire, Dress for Success San Antonio does more than simply match you with a professional outfit. There are more than three rooms at the facility that are stuffed with garments. The initiative benefits not only single people but also the future of their families. There are always methods to help out for those who are interested.

Shokrian also said that “Our clothes come to us from our community donors. We have absolutely fabulous donors in our community that just bring us loads and loads of clothes. We also have great partnerships with Calvin Klein. We have Ann Taylor who has been really good to us. Several stores that are local and nationwide will bring us donations. We get all kinds of great stuff”.