You Don’t Want to Deal with this Beast, says San Antonio Senator as She Recovers from COVID-19

After he, his little granddaughter, and several other family members survived, a Texas politician pushed people to get their immunizations. COVID-19. Sen. José Menéndez of Texas released a two-minute video on Twitter Sunday evening to provide an update on himself and his family’s health. After the coronavirus affected him and his 14-month-old granddaughter, the San Antonio Democrat announced his diagnosis on Aug. 13.

He said that “Take it from someone who’s gone through it: you don’t want to mess with this thing”. Menéndez revealed that his granddaughter visited him sixteen days earlier and had a high fever. They rushed her to the hospital, where she was tested for COVID-19. The results came a day later, but in the meanwhile, he and three other family members had been infected with a highly infectious virus.

Fortunately, he stated in the video that the majority of his family members were asymptomatic. His granddaughter had a high fever and congestion for a few days, but she was able to overcome those symptoms. His own case, on the other hand, affected him far harder than the others.

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“I, unfortunately, suffered very high fevers, chills, uncontrollable shaking, difficulty breathing, difficulty avoiding severe congestion, tightness in your chest,” Menéndez explained. “I believe that, had I had not been vaccinated, I’d probably be in an ICU, or I may not even be here.”

Menéndez isn’t the first state governor who has lately been sick with the coronavirus. Governor Greg Abbott revealed his COVID-19 diagnosis last week, but four days later, he declared that he is now testing negative.

He concluded the video by urging everyone eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and wear a mask in public to help “stop the spread of this cruel and evil disease.” Menéndez also expressed gratitude to the people who gave him and his family well wishes when they were dealing with COVID-19.