San Antonio is Mourning The Loss of a Famous TV Legend

Bob Rogers was the KENS 5’s longest-serving news director. KENS 5 was one of the highest-rated CBS stations in the country under his leadership. On August 17, 2021, he died at the age of 87. Heart failure complications were listed as the cause of death.

On a date to be determined by the family, Bob Rogers’ remains will be laid to rest on the lap of our Eternal Mother Earth. We’ve been told that the interment would be attended by the deceased’s close family as well as a select group of acquaintances and coworkers. His obituary information has yet to be discovered. We are thinking about and praying for everyone who has been affected by this death.

About Bob Rogers

Many individuals have begun to miss Bob Rogers, according to all signs. The outpouring of tributes and condolences is a powerful testament to this. No one has described the dead as a perfect buddy who was lovely and trustworthy. Friends and family members alike are shouting Bob’s praises as they recollect the amazing time they had with the man they continue to refer to as a unique jewel.

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He also aided many of the celebrities we see on TV every night, including our own Chuck Miketinec of Maximum Sports. In the early 1990s, he worked weekend sports there. In addition, Bob Rogers was the brains behind the Texas Network as well.

Miketinec said that “I mean, it was sheer domination, we’ll never see the likes again. And a lot of it was because of his vision for what a newsroom should look like, you know, you got to have a big, sturdy anchor like yourself. You got to have a hell of a weather person, you know, all kinds of great people that kind of make up this whole deal. And then you got to go and cover the news”.