Two Bodies Were Discovered At A House In Northwest Bexar County


Bodies of a teenage boy and a guy in his mid-40s were discovered at a residence in the 25800 blocks of Enchanted Dawn.

The deaths of a child in his mid-teens and a man in his late-40s were discovered inside a residence in northwest Bexar County on Wednesday, according to Sheriff Javier Salazar.

The deaths were discovered at a house in the 25800 blocks of Enchanted Dawn after family members requested a welfare check by BCSO.

Salazar stated that the event is being examined as a homicide, but he did not rule out the possibility that

it was a murder-suicide. A pistol was discovered in the residence, and both victims suffered gunshot wounds.

The Teenage Boy Identified

According to the sheriff, the adolescent did not live at the house and may have been a runaway.

The adolescent was identified as Fernando Salvador Sabela by the Medical Examiner’s office on Thursday. The M.E. stated that the man was 48 years old, but he could not be identified at this time.

Salazar refused to reveal the nature of the victims’ connection. He stated that the event was isolated and that the area, which is located west of I-10 and north of Boerne Stage Road, poses no threat.


The community stood by as the all-day inquiry took over the neighborhood’s streets. A neighbor across the street stated he’d never seen anything like it.


Eric Rickert said “Nothing ever happens in this neighborhood. Everybody behaves to themselves, it’s quiet, nobody’s fighting with each other, it’s always calm, so this is an anomaly for sure,”


“He seemed friendly.”He went on to say that his sole brief interaction with the house’s owner throughout the inquiry.